Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I may be having a mid-life crisis.

As I hit the door tonight, Ang began to regale me with the days events; Ciera did really well on her talent show tryout, Rakes had been sent to time out 137 times, and Trot managed to go to the bathroom 4 times in his pants after not having an accident at all in the past 6 days.

I immediately began to think about my trip to Boston and how nice it was not to have any responsibilities while I spent the weekend with my friends.

But then I thought about how excited I was on the plane back home to see my wife and children and I came to the following conclusion; I'm a mental mess of a human being.

I want to be with my family, yet I want to be with my friends in New England at the same time. Which has led me to discover the answer to all my problems.....

I need to move to Boston.

Now, what kind of complete fertilizer am I going to come up with to convince Ang about all this?

Do they have a military school nearby?

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