Monday, May 11, 2009

I hate off days

There really should be a law against Mondays without Red Sox baseball.

Thank God for Jack Bauer or I'm pretty sure they'd be fitting me for a straight jacket right about now.


Tex said...

What's gonna happen if "Jack" gets arrested and can't be on "24"?

HorshamScouse said...

I filled in the time watching Mets/Braves. Remind me again why we don't have DLowe?

And I downloaded House from Bittorrent. Amazing. Kiefer Sutherland in the pokey and Gregory House in the nut house. Cliffhanger summer :)

Ted D said...

::sticks fingers in ears, ignores Tex::

John, I can't explain the DLowe thing; I guess all his night life stuff was the killer.

Beth said...

Unfortunately, next week is another Monday off day! When I got in bed last night (early), it felt quite strange!

Ted D said...

Beth, I will survive next mon a little easier. Season finale of 24 and I leave for MP on Thursday!

Trot's Hat said...

//I leave for MP on Thursday!//

Can't wait!

Saw my first episode of 24 in years last night, Ted. My Mom is totally hooked!

Ted D said...

Me neither, Bridget! And your Mom is wise. ;)