Saturday, May 16, 2009

No more Jinx

It seems like every post I do about the games on the West Coast BEFORE they happen results in a loss so no Red Sox predictions/rants/totally unsubstantiated claims of insight tonight. I'm just gonna let the nights events unfold like the good Lord intended them to; 1 inning at a time.

After working a 48 hour work week, sleep deprived from staying up late to watch the Sox lose 2 out of 3 to the Angels and drop the first game against the Mariners, and somehow managing to avoid beating roughly 37 customers about the head with a lamp this week I settled in to watch COPS with Rakes tonight.

Can I just say that watching your child fall asleep while snuggled up next to you, and looking at that mirror image of yourself while you wonder how you can love someone that much may just be the best way to end the week I could ever think of?


Stacy said...

They are so sweet when they're sleeping. He's cute even when he's not asleep. :)

Ted D said...


But he's a LOT quieter when he's sleeping. ;)

HorshamScouse said...

That may have been a good move, Ted. JPB going 7 full, great defence and enough offence for the W.

Series win tomorrow? I'm not sayin'!

Ted D said...

I think it worked, John. And I'm down for a series win.

See you on Friday, buddy!

Rich in the garage said...

5 days folks.

5 more days we're united.

Papi will go deep. In fact hes going to crush one past the red seat.

Ted D said...

I'm down with that, Jr. Can't believe it's almost here.