Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Guess I Missed The Memo

Apparently the Red Sox are supposed to go 162-0, win the Cy Young, the AL MVP, Rookie of the Year, sweep the ALDS, ALCS, and the World Series as well as win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Because based on the number of people ready to jump off the Tobin Bridge just because the Red Sox lost a squeaker to Seattle today and went 2-4 on the road trip I'm assuming Chicken Little was right and the sky really is falling.

My friend Kelly O at posted this on FB tonight and hopefully she's OK with me using it here.

"You're going to win 50 and lose 50; what you do with the other 62 is what makes the difference."

Have I ever mentioned Kelly is wise?

Ever since the game ended I've been focusing my attention on Thursday, when I leave the hooligans and stress in Angie's hands for a few days and head north to Vermont, then Boston.

Good friends, the Red Sox, and the most beautiful place on earth will be there too.

My productivity over the next 3 days will be between slim and none.

Put your money on none.


Tex said...

shouldnt you try to sell those couches so you can have extra cash for MP? ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

I have been trying to figure it out too. I mean, we never seem to do well on the West Coast until October--and I certainly wouldn't swap out *that* arrangement for the alternative! We have the best bullpen in baseball. We're second in the division & only two other AL team have better records than the Sox. And somehow we've managed all of this a) without Papi as we know him, b) a starting rotation that is being led by the knuckleballer because even when he melts down he's pitching better than the others and c) being bitten by a form of the injury bug that is apparently resistent to antibiotics. I'd say we aren't in bad shape for six weeks in. People need to chill.

Ted D said...

Good idea, Tex!

And Dawn, people needing to chill is an understatement. I can't get over all this on the ledge stuff.

This is a really good team in a really tough spot playing pretty good baseball.

Come see me in October.

Tree Newt said...

As a bit of perspective from the world o' ice:

The Hurricanes were stinking up the joint at the midway point of the season. Making the playoffs at all was a long shot, at best.

You know how the rest goes.

Have fun at MP, brotha. I was going to come up to Burlvegas to wish you a happy 45th, but I guess you won't be there.

Too good not to mention: secret word is "prewee"

HorshamScouse said...

Fenway better be there when I get there or I'll be pisssed.

MP starts for me in less than 24 hours when I leave for Wellington Airport!

16 hours later I'll be sipping Sam Adams with SotB in LA and it'll be well and truly on!

Verification word: diness. Looks like lunch is on me.

Ted D said...

45th. Your funny, little brother. Thanks for the good thoughts.

John, wave as you fly over and I'll see you on Friday my friend.

HorshamScouse said...

And congratulations to Rakes for making it out of pre-school with your sanity intact.

Ted D said...

He's not done yet, Scouser. Graduation is tomorrow; he's still got time. ;)