Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All Hail The Large Father

Amidst the gem that was Daisuke looking like vintage Daisuke, David Ortiz set the Major League Record for most home runs by a DH, passing The Big Hurt on his way to first place All-Time.

Throw in Daisuke throwing darts, the Sox gaining a half game lead on the Rangers for the Wild Card (Along with the fact they are losing to the A's and heading toward 5 1/2 games back) and life as a Sox fan is pretty flipping good.

Consider the fact that Papi went roughly the first two months of the season without hitting water if he jumped in the swimming pool and his numbers are pretty impressive. 24 dingers and 80 some RBI while essentially missing the first TWO MONTHS of the year. He's on pace for close to 30 bombs and 100 RBI and all I know is I feel fine.

Wild Card within our grasp, the rotation of Beckett, Lester, Buchholz, and Matsuzaka looming as the big elephant in the room the rest of the AL doesn't want to face, and the Cardinals as the most logical team to come out of the NL for the World Series.

I figure if they just hit Pujols each time he comes up and take their chances with the rest it should all pan out.

I can still hear the faint sounds of "Dirty Water" as I get ready to head to bed, can see that big green wall that I stood on just a few months ago in my mind, and I can feel the nervous tension coming from the Bronx.

I Live For This.


Rich in the garage said...

Thats not nervous tension coming from the Bronx... its just gas. The two are easily confused and smell incredibly similar.

Ted D said...


Stacy said...

Glad Papi's season is coming along so nicely. Just in time. :)

Stacy said...

Oh, and Kelly's picture in your header is especially enjoyable! :)

Ted D said...

He's got good timing, Sis. And Kelly is a magician with that camera!