Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Labor Day Weekend

About the time I pulled into the church parking lot this morning I felt the beginnings of a headache coming on.

By the time the communion plates were being passed around and the Pastor was winding down it felt like a marching band was playing inside my forehead and shooting fireworks off at the same time. Now Freud or Ang or my tree loving brother would attribute this as some sort of aversion to going to church or a feeling of guilt, but I lean more toward a lot of flipping stress at work the past week, the two maniacs in the picture waking me up at 6:30 having a sword fight with an egg beater and a metal spatula, and the Red Sox dropping the first 2 games to the White Sox.

So I spent my Sunday afternoon trying not to move my head too much, avoiding sunlight like some deranged middle aged vampire, and trying to keep the noise level and my blood pressure down while watching the game.

Have you ever had a migraine and been stuck in the house with 3 children whose inner volume is permanently set on 11? It was so bad I even had DO on the lowest possible level I could still hear him. Which in this house is 38, just in case you were wondering.

Thankfully the right Sox team won, I managed not to get physically sick (which if you'd told me I wouldn't have while Ang hit every possible pot hole in the road on the drive home and took the driveway on two wheels while it felt like a bowling ball was rolling around in my skull I'd have laughed in your face. IF I could have done more than grunt at the time, that is.) and the headache is now a dull roar and I feel like I just went 15 rounds with Mike Tyson.

Rakes did manage to make it interesting about 7 pm by hitting me with a tube sock full of quarters (don't ask) and getting into a spirited and ear splittingly loud debate with Trot on how Batman CAN'T FLY EVEN THOUGH HE HAS A CAPE LIKE SUPERMAN. I think I set the World Record for repeating the phrase "Dear God make it stop" the most times in a 3 minute period.

Hey, there's always a bright side.

Nobody peed anywhere but the bathroom today.

At least that I know of.


Tex said...

wait......Bat Man CAN'T fly??????
but he did in the movie..sorta...

the bright side is the yankees and rangers imploded today while we won!

Ted D said...

Apparently not, Tex. Although Trot was definitely of the opinion he can.

And yeah; the Skanks and Rangers losing was as good as two Advil.

Tex said...

I'm with Trot.

Ted D said...

You both are nuts.

Stacy said...

You have my sympathy. Your house is not the place to deal with a migrane. Glad it eased up.

I'm still thinking about the tube sock full of quarters. hhhmmmmmm........ :)

Ted D said...

No it's not. And I have no idea why he thinks it's a wise move to carry your money in a sock. He's like Al Capone.