Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tell The Monkey It's Not October Yet.

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As much as I hate to see the boys lose, going 7-1 on the most recent home stand is awesome. Add on the fact the Angels were gripping about the umps (exhibit A of being in another teams head; blame the umpire), if not for Tek not catching strike 3 we'd be talking about a sweep, and the fact their 3rd baseman is named Chone and ours struts around to the sound of Scenic and it's all good.

Let 'em have this small moral victory. 'Cause come October when it's win or go home, you, me, and Aunt Edna from "Vacation" know this irrefutable truth.

The Angels will fold up like that chair you put at the kiddie table every family get together. It's the baseball equivalent of "The Tortoise and The Hare"; Angels look like world beaters in the regular season and come playoff time morph into the Washington Generals playing the Globe Trotters.

On the home front, nobody got expelled, suspended, or arrested although Trot went to bed with a bump on his forehead the size of a hard boiled egg.

If that's the worst thing that happened, it was a good day.

Off to Baltimore and the Orioles followed by four in Kansas City and the last three games of the year against the Yanks next weekend, which I'm extremely hopeful will end up looking like that scene at the end of "Scarface" or Saturday night at Jr's house, whichever you prefer.


Stacy said...

I'm almost afraid to ask, but how did Trot get a goose egg? :)

Glad the boys are on a streak. Hopefully it will continue and they can sweep the evil empire to close out the regular season.

Ted D said...

Him and Toto were sliding across the floor at Raina's house, sis.

Stacy said...

And Toto is.....?

Ted D said...

Their dog. ;)