Friday, September 18, 2009

And We Still Go Merrily Rolling Along

For some reason, I can't get blogger to upload a picture but it's all good.

Clay was dealing tonight, Pap was Pap, and the Red Sox beat the O's 3-1.

By my feeble calculations that makes the season series 14-2 Red Sox, with two more to play.

14-2 in a baseball season is the equivalent of the Redskins beating the Cowboys 7 times over a 10 year period. Or Rakes beating Trot in Old Maid 14 out of 16 nights, whichever you prefer.

'Course that last scenario would mean Trot could actually PLAY Old Maid, which isn't happening any time soon.

6 game lead in the Wild Card race with roughly 2 weeks to go.


My stomach STILL hurts.

At least tomorrow is Saturday which means other than having to work all day, I've got a mental day off; no middle school, no kindergarten, and Ang is juvenile free until Monday.

Yet I've still gotta deal with Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer tomorrow.

Sometimes life really isn't fair.


Tim said...

Extra innings will have a NESN feed tonite Ted so lay off the Maalox

Ted D said...

Not for me, Tim. I'm in the O's home market and have to watch it MASN.