Friday, September 25, 2009

Down goes Crabby. DOWN GOES CRABBY.

Watching your #2, possible #1 pitcher go down like he's been shot after taking a come backer off his leg isn't exactly the way you want to spend Friday night.

I admit it; I saw 6 months of gibley busting effort flash before my eyes for a few minutes while Crabby lay on the mound writhing in pain. However, he got up, SORT of walked off, and according to the x rays there is no break and disaster may have been averted.

Meanwhile the Sox have made it a game thanks to V Mart and Papi and it's 6-3 in the bottom of the 6th. This is Red Sox/Yankees and I'm expecting nothing less than a 5 hour grind fest with a 83% chance a brouhaha breaks out and Bill Lee jumps out of the stands while DO screams "IT'S BILL LEE! MY GOD, ECK! IT'S BILL LEE AND HE'S MAULING JOE GIRARDI RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES!"

Or maybe I just watched too much WWF back in the day.

All I know is it's gonna be a wild ride from here on out.

And I can't wait.


Rich in the garage said...

I promise to never predict a game again.

Ted D said...

Thanks alot, you goober. They lost AND you broke Lester.

Tex said...

::passes out lollipops laced with tequila for rest of series::

Ted D said...

We're gonna need more than that, Tex.

Cyn said...

Te title of this post made me laugh out loud on the train. :lol:

(of course, that was AFTER I found out Crabcakes was okay!)

Ted D said...

Cyn, I waited until I knew he was OK too. Scary stuff.