Thursday, September 24, 2009

Welcome Back To The Place You Once Belonged.

*Image courtesy of Kelly and* (I think. I've REALLY gotta start a folder for all her stuff someday, just so I can keep it straight.)

This post is in response to all the folks who were saying Big Papi was done, a product of PHD's, or just plain washed up.

Not only does he have a million dollar smile and a heart of gold, he also has 26 Home Runs and 89 RBI as of 9-24-09.

Mind you, that really doesn't seem all that impressive. But when you consider he didn't hit his first HR until the month of July and leads the AL in bombs since then and you've gotta AT LEAST consider the notion that the reports of his demise were a tad premature.

If you're still in doubt, let me ask you this one question.

If you were a pitcher on the staff of the Angels, Tigers, or Yankees and someone asked you what would be going through your mind if it was the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, and David Ortiz was coming up to the plate?

If you didn't answer "I'd wet myself" 9 out of 10 times I'd be shocked.

The Large Father is back.

Just in time for October.

You can't say the man doesn't have impeccable timing.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I couldn't agree more, Ted. I never would have thought we'd be looking at those homerun & RBI totals, but here we are. I do have to admit to giggling (even though I knew what you meant) by saying he was speculated to be the product of PHDs. ;-)

Ted D said...

Heh. Reason #3569 not to post after 10pm. ;)

sittingstill said...

That's awesome. ^_^

And yeah, that shot's mine--I actually had to look to be sure, though! I know someone had a similar photo from the side...

Ted D said...

Thought it was yours, Kelly. One day when I get time I'm going to organize your stuff. :)