Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mr. Buchholz Goes To Tampa

*Image courtesy of Kelly and* ( I think.)

Sox win 6-3 and take the series with the Rays 2-1.

Welcome to reality Maddon.

And boom goes the dynamite.

The bats have finally woke up, Billy Wagner has provided the 'pen with the kick in the pants it needed, and Papelbon is pitching like it's the ALCS from 2007 all of a sudden.

Other than the bully on the school bus with Ciera (that either her principle or me, a two by four, and Rakes with a garden spade is going to fix post haste) my life consists of sunshine, blue skies, and a Mt. Dew on ice while I sit in the shade while watching the world pass by.

Life could be a whole lot worse.


sittingstill said...

Yep, that's mine. ^_^

I'll never understand the depth of your dislike for Maddon. He was on the radio pregame yesterday. Seems to me he does a terrific job with a bunch of young men who range from the mature to the crazy, and I think in ten years or so you're going to be praying for someone like him to help out in your boys' lives (while you guard Ciera with a shotgun)...

Ted D said...

Kelly, I really need to put all your pictures I use in a seperate folder so I can keep track!As for Maddon, it's like when Torre managed the Yankees. I'd LOVE the guy if he managed out of th AL East.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I know I am wicked late but I was analog for most of the weekend & just *had* to comment on this. Can I tell you how awesome it was to be there for a winning series?? All the Sunbeams "fans" departed during the eighth inning Thursday night. I just walked out of the Juice Box & was able to leave with ZERO TRAFFIC.

Speaking of Maddon, he's the least of the greater evils here in Tampa--although WHAT he has done with his hair leaves me puzzled--when you consider things like: Carl Crawford, cowbells, a dome with no natural light whatsoever let inside, catwalks, lack of bullpen, Duh-wayne Staaaaaaaaaaaats & bozo of the week on tv... The list truly is endless. Anyone non-local to the Tampa area also misses out on Joe's whining when things start crumbling, but he's still not as bad at the tv announcers.

What *really* confuses me about Maddon? What the HELL is he doing with his bullpen?! All that changning the pitcher after each new batter? He's been doing that for over a week now. I swear when rosters expanded, he just brought his team up to 40 with all relievers.

Ted D said...

Dawn, the few times I've actually listened to them makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Awful doesn't do it justice.

And the bullpen stuff made me scratch my head as well. If it, you know WORKED I could maybe understand it.

Glad you got such a great series to see!