Monday, September 7, 2009

Random Labor Day Mumblings

Thankfully, I worked today. Which means I missed the absolute clustermess that was the Red Sox/White Sox game. Apparently, Beckett pitched well by giving up only 3 runs. Unfortunately the bats decided to protest the fact they had to work on Labor Day and provided pretty much no help.

Meh. We're still up in the Wild Card and I gave up getting too excited about regular season games 5 years ago.

At least that's what I'm telling myself so I can go to sleep tonight.

As I messed around on Facebook tonight, I came to the following realization.

I REALLY miss my friends in New England. Rob, JD, Cyn, Kelly, Josh, Amy, etc... you know who you are. Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend.

Lastly, migraines suck. Especially when they last for more than one day. Today was a little better; I at least didn't feel the urge to run pell mell to the bathroom because I expected to get sick at any second.

But if someone doesn't take that bowling ball away from the gremlin currently residing inside my forehead there is going to be hell to pay.


Tex said...

no homeruns given up so that's good.
I'm not sure why the bats decide to go limp when Beckett finally seems to get his groove back. :(

sorry for the migraine...i do know how you feel.

Ted D said...

Me neither, Sis. But it happens I guess. And thanks for the pv's for the migraine; this is getting old pretty fripping quick.

~**Dawn**~ said...

The goods news is: we kick off a nice 8-game homestand with the Os coming to town for two. And then when we hit the road again? We get started in Baltimore.

Ted D said...

That IS good news, Dawn! Except I'm forced to watch the O's feed, seeing as how I'm their "home market".

::stupid "geniuses" at MLB....::

~**Dawn**~ said...

Just trust me when I say (having heard both of them) that you're glad it's not Tampa that is your home market. ;-)

Ted D said...

Well, yeah. I do at least have that going for me. ;)