Friday, June 22, 2007

Classic Matchup

Daisuke vs. Maddux: talk about a pitchers duel. This could be a clinic in San Diego tonight with the two of them on the mound.

Matsuzaka brings an 8-5 record with him into tonight's game while the ageless Maddux is at 6-3 with a sub 4 era.

If I can stay awake for the whole thing, it should be a good one.

In a game related note, I've notified the SD Police Department that Tex is in town. I told them to be on the lookout for a woman with a Texas drawl, carrying a Texas flag, and speaking REALLY loudly. She is thought to be accompanied by an Englishman with a New Zealand passport and the name Horshamscouse, and a mysterious someone who goes by the handle "Sox on the Beach".

And yes, I'm aware that a fiction writer in Hollywood couldn't have come up with that if they tried.

It's all true: I swear.

Have fun Tex, and I've got the bail money on hand if you need it.


Christine E. said...

1st poster! Whoo Hoo!

Evening everyone...

and still another hour+ till the game...Crap....

I liek when the Sox play Maddux or Glavine, gives me an excuse to link to the greatest commercial ever--you have seen it, right?

Hope all is well!

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Christine, I know what you mean: it just drags until game time.

Which commercial are you referring to? Remember, I'm a guy: have not watched a commercial all the way through since Clinton's first term in office.

Go Sox!

Carol said...

Ted - What a friend you are, bail money and all LOL I hope we can all make it to the end, and that I didn't jinx the Sox like K might think!

Ted D said...

Nah, no such thing as jinxes Carol: lucky bats, hiding behind the couch, switching hats if things aren't going well are all perfectly acceptable, however.

Christine E. said...


GREATEST commerical...EVER



Ted D said...

Christine: I had NEVER seen that:

Dear Lord that is some funny stuff!

I love the part where Maddux is hitting Glavine in the stomach with the bat!

Too funny.

Christine E. said...

I like the ending when they are mocking Heather Locklear.."Where's Mark.."

The funniest things is that they are picthers, and they are actually FUNNY...:-)

15 minutes to gametime!

Ted D said...

I can't believe I never saw that before: hands down, best sports commercial EVER, followed closely by the Bird/Jordan "nothing but net" McDonald's commercial.

Ted D said...

Oh man, it's 80's night in San Diego, and the Padres have those brown and yellow uni's on.

Makes me wish I still had a mullett and a bolo tie to join in the fun.

::starts looking for crappy 80's hair metal cassette tapes. Remembers Oat Bran has a small fortune invested in those things::

John said...

That is quite the day you had yesterday!!

Ted D said...

John, you have NO idea: words don't do it justice.

The fact the insurance co. is trying to go all Godfather on me is what hacks me off the most.

Hey: it's Friday, and I've got Daisuke vs. Maddux on the tv: it's not all bad.

Hope things are well for you and your family.

KAYLEE said...

//and that I didn't jinx the Sox like K might think!//

i am totally innocent!

scott h said...

Ok just got back from playing 27 holes of golf Last one kinda in the dark. I think I made a hold in one. At least I am claiming that!

It appears as if Attila the Huns kids didn't run amuck this evening or are you just not telling us.
Feet are kinda sore think I will hang it up. Peace out

KAYLEE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KAYLEE said...

//Ok just got back from playing 27 holes of golf Last one kinda in the dark. I think I made a hold in one. At least I am claiming that!//

Are you sure that wasnt a hole in 5 and you miss counted? That seems more like you.Wait do you still like me? Is that gunna damage it? Why am I up at 1 am? So many questions I know!

scott h said...

No Kaylee pretty sure it went right in, kinda hard to see but I will stick with my story.
Like I told you since I found out you were really one of the DiamondBack Girls I will never get mad at you!

Ted D said...

You got your wango de tango at the firework stand or are you sipping iced tea out by the cement pond?

2-1 win, 1:30 am ending.

VERY glad today is Saturday: gotta steel myself for another one tonight.

scott h said...

Jr the sun is out its a beautiful day. Turn off the freakin tv. Working on the poll thing right now. Supposed to have "pool school" at noon, I don't need no freakin instuctions!". Then heading to the fireworks.

KAYLEE said...

//Like I told you since I found out you were really one of the DiamondBack Girls I will never get mad at you!//

what imaginary person told you this?

scott h said...

The person who said, "cut Kaylee some slack she is one of the Diamond Bck Girls!

Ted D said...

Brother, I have vacuumed the house, mopped the hardwoods, spent an hour scrubbing sippy cup spots out of the carpet, and changed all the air filters.

Oh, and Ang got a tree planted yesterday. Yep: we live wild and free when the kids are away for the night!

We DID go out to a new Italian resteraunt last night though.

scott h said...

Just asking, was this because you were helping, or an unknown urge to clean everything?
And what blind and deaf retired couple did you pawn the leagion of doom off on!

Ted D said...

My every Sat morning routine Bub: I'm a GOOD husband!

And Ang's poor Mom and Dad were the tortured party: though the boys slept longer there than they normally do here!

Stacy said...

Christine, I LOVE that commercial! I can't remember if I ever saw it, but I was a big Braves fan several years back, and Maddux was my favorite. Now the Jones boys are the only people on the team I know, except for Bobby Cox.

Thanks for the link. :)

Oh, and Jr., I have some spots on my carpet if you have time and still have your spot remover out. I'm sure you've only cleaned about a thousand already.:)

Tex said...

hey Ted...I dont need bail money afterall...they have wireless and DirecTV in jail...Im all set! ;)

although I dont recall how I got here...perhaps it was that last beer we got at this Tiki bar we were at last night..I wish I would have taken a pic of it...they brought me this beer called a Fat was in a gallon bottle (apparently everything ISN'T bigger in Texas)

Ted D said...

Stacy, I'm out of the spot removing business for today: sorry, you are on your own.

Glad to hear you are comfortable in the slammer Tex! A GALLON size beer? The fact you are upright is impressive.

Have fun and Be Careful.