Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sweet Caroline

Went to the 1st birthday party of the sweetest, prettiest little girl this side of my Ciera I've ever seen.

Caroline Ruth, my younger and much less handsome brother Matt's little girl, turned 1 year old yesterday, and we all headed down to Eastern NC today to help her celebrate her big day.

Normally, loading up my band of hooligans and getting in the car for a road trip is the LAST thing I want to do, especially with Daisuke vs Randy Johnson on the schedule. Clark Griswold, driving across country with his brood in the family truckster, I'm not. However, I would like to point out Clark didn't have a Rakes. Or a Trot. So, I've at least got that excuse.

As Caroline's favorite Uncle, however, I was more than happy to go to the party: and what a party it was. Let's just say that Matt's wife, Amanda, has set the bar so high for throwing a birthday party that I don't even think real live Circus animals and an appearance by Krusty the Clown himself would top it.

Highlight of the day for the kids? The release of 3,000 live lady bugs that the little one's got to capture and put in their own plastic tub. Of course, I drove all the way home with this one thought rattling around in my head: How long before Rakes opens that lid and I've got 25 lady bugs flying around my car while Ciera and Angie scream like they were killer bees?

Added bonus point for entertainment: the 2 box fans that Trot was determined to put his fingers in every chance he got, Rusty the Wonderdog spazzing out, and Rakes and Matt's nephew Scott fighting over a stuffed caterpillar during what I'm sure Amanda envisioned as a sweet first birthday moment. Leave it to my little hellion to turn it into Ultimate Fighting: sorry Amanda.

With Apologies to Neil Diamond for my horrible singing:

" Where it began, I can't begin to know when
But then I know it's growing strong
Oh, wasn't the spring, whooo
And spring became the summer
Who'd believe you'd come along
Hands, touching hands, reaching out
Touching me, touching you
Oh, sweet Caroline
Good times never seem so good"

Happy First Birthday Caroline Ruth


Tex said...

Well at least the day wasn't a total waste with the loss of our game today. Sweet lil girl indeed!! She is just adorable! I am shocked Rakes didnt release the bugs free while on the trip home...i woulda loved hearing the story.

Ted D said...

I'll bet you would have Tex! Luckily, the day wore Trot and him out so they both slept most of the way home.

Ladybugs are safe and sound outside on the deck.

Tex, while Amanda was doing story time and Rakes was making like Tito Ortiz, Stacy calls out "No Ted: you can't sit on the rugs with the other children."

Now I ask you, is that any way to treat your own flesh and blood? :)

Tex said...

\\Now I ask you, is that any way to treat your own flesh and blood? :)//

I swear...I would have done the SAME thing!! Stacy and I could SO be related too.

oh and since I know she'll read this...with your comment about my George reference on my blog...lil story of me meeting Mr Strait.

I was about 23 or so....George was playing in Lake Charles at the Civic Center...this was when he was just coming on...anyway after the the concert was over, one of my friends said they knew where George was we waited for his bus...and followed the hotel parking lot. My friend who was about 19 yrs old and drunk...I was the mostly sober person so i drove....she and I got out and waited for George to come down the bus stairs...patiently.

George steps down (not wearing his hat mind you) he smiles that gorgeous smile..and my drunk friend says "Hey we want to see George"...I slapped her across the arm.."that IS him dumbA##" I smiled sweetly and said "Mr Strait..could I have your autograph on my shirt?" I had a George tshirt he signed right across my chest ::sighhhhh::

Ted D said...

Only you Tex: Only you!

That is classic: when God made you, he took the mold and threw it WAY far away.

You are too much. ;)

Tex said...

Ted...Im not even sure there WAS a mold when He made me. I like to think that when He was creating was kinda like how my Mom taught me to cook...never have a recipe...just know the ingredients...and each time I cook something...i make it from memory...everytime is different...but still good. I'm kinda like that....I'm not the same every day..always liking change...but still good. :)

Mattie said...

Big Brother,
That was a mighty sweet little post must be getting soft. Caroline Ruth was very glad her curmudgeony Uncle Ted brought his brood down to Mayberry for her birthday. I just hope we got some of the Rakes moments on disc, like when he was pirating food off Scott's plate, or pulling a chair out from under Gabby! I was going to say he's Captain Jack Sparrow, but Amanda is sitting here critiquing my comments, and she didn't approve.

She did approve of the blog, though. She was cracking up, especially at the thought of Rakes opening up the bugs in transit. That would have been a Kodak moment.

Thanks again for coming down, FatBack. I really appreciate you leaving the friendly confines of the Dalton compound.

Ted D said...

I'll buy that Tex: just know you are one of a kind.

Mattie had a buddy go to San Diego once on business and caught a Pad's game. Can you have a fish taco and tell me if it's any good? His friend RAVED about 'em.

Tex said...

I eat fish tacos here in Austin...usually tilapia with shredded red cabbage and a nice chipolte sauce on it..yuuuummmmmy!

but ill check out and see about them there.

Ted D said...

//Caroline Ruth was very glad her curmudgeony Uncle Ted brought his brood down to Mayberry for her birthday.//

I like that: curmudgeony. Sort of fits me, though I think you are missing an L somewhere, but I'm too tired to care.

Glad we got to come: that is one sweet little girl: Just glad she takes after her Mum.

Capt. Jack? That is a pretty good fit for Rakes: a pirate through and through. You have to warn your other nephews when the REAL ruffians are coming: that look on Scott's face when Rakes was brandishing the water hose was priceless: WHO is this, and WHY is he encroaching onto MY territory?


Stacy said...

The caterpillar fight and Rakes moving the chair away from Gabby were pretty funny. :) They loved catching those ladybugs, didn't they?

And you KNOW you wanted to sit on the blanket for story time.

Tex, I cannot believe you met George Strait. ::swoons:: Even in his 50's, he's still VERY handsome. Doesn't sing too bad, either. :)

Carol said...

Glad you guys had fun - Were there any Red Sox birthday presents from Uncle Ted? (I've given plenty this year)- lol. I also like ladybugs, so I would have enjoyed it as much as the kids! Enjoyed your rendition of 'Sweet Caroline' Ted :)

Ted D said...

Carol, no Red Sox presents: my wife went in with my sisters for her gift. I'll have to get her the Red Sox gear at Christmas.

Glad you enjoyed the song: trust me, the fact you can't hear me is the reason why!

I hope you are feeling MUCH better.

Christine E. said...

Evening everyone

Sweet Caroline Dum Dum DUM! LOL Sorry....My singing is probably worse than your, Ted...:-)

Puffed Wheat: DID you name you daughter after the song? :-)

Hope everyone is well...Hate off days blah blah blah...wish we won more on the road trip..blah blah blah..

Angie, the same super mom who would clean up a crazy poop mess, but would scream at ladybugs? Say it isn't so!

Hope everyone is well!

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Hi Christine: trust me, your singing CAN'T be worse than mine.:)

I'm right there with you on the off days: however, I can watch "Hells Kitchen" tonight.

And yes, Supermom has an irrational fear of bugs: a ladybug flew up her shirt yesterday, and you would have thought it was a tarantula.

And I'm doing good, thanks: hope you are as well.

Christine E. said...

I never watched Hell's Kitchen--although I watch Top Chef....and The Closer start next week, which is one of the BEST shows on TV...I love it!

Things are good here--met with the judge who is marrying us today, and got our marriage license..:-)

Like I said, if you want to make the trek to Dalton, PA, We would love to have you at the wedding..:-)

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Christine, something about him screaming and cursing at all of them tickles my funny bone. Plus, I'd really like to be a great cook, but am too lazy and impatient to learn. So I live vicariously through them.

KAYLEE said...

Glad you guys had fun.Caroline is a cute little girl.I have decided to take your advice and stay away from SG for awhile:)

Tex said...

Stacy I agree bout George..he gets better looking every year as far as Im concerned.

Checked into my hotel in beer every night....we need one of these in Baltimore

Ted D said...

Glad you made it safe and sound Tex: Free beer? What, no Mariachi band?

Corn Meal and I are staying with a childhood buddy of mine from OK who lives in Baltimore now and is coming to the games with us, so FREE room and board > free beer.

Especially at $120 bucks a night.

scott h said...

Ok come on now !Is this Blues Clues or a Baseball blog.

Jr its easy to claim favorite Uncle when your ulgy mug is all she has seen. Theirs a new sheriff coming to town next month. I will have your boys singing a new song after my visit

Ted D said...

It's both Bubba: I thought you all were coming in June? Maybe the accident is affecting me more than I thought.

C'mon now: Caroline has great taste: she KNOWS who her favorite Uncle is. :)