Saturday, June 9, 2007

Snake Wrangler's

*Picture from the Boston Globe*

After stumbling his way through half of April and all of May, JD Drew busted out in a big way last night: 2 HR's, 7 RBI's, and a one fingered salute (figuratively) to the people who doubt his ability. Guy has been GRINDING the last several weeks, and if the team had not been rollin' along, he would have been crucified in Boston.

Glad to see last night happen: the guy is too good, too much of a natural ball player, to keep struggling like he has. Let's hope last night is the launching pad to a great rest of the season.

Beckett goes to 9-0, and they best start engraving that Cy Young trophy right now: he is as nasty as he's ever been, and after struggling mightily last year, looks like the ace he was expected to be. 8 innings, 3 runs, 8 k's: Filthy.

Gotta love Lugo making like Tanner Boyle from the Bad News Bears and fooling the rookie with the old "hidden ball trick" AND leading the game off with a HR to get it started. Out of all Theo's big signings this off season, Lugo has been the one giving me an ulcer: your lead off guy has GOT to be able to get on base more than once a week. He's shown when he DOES get on that he can just cause havoc on the base paths and the pitchers head: Lugo's greatest skill, so far, is to run really fast while looking really awkward. Maybe last night will be a new start for him too.

Still, 39-21, with a 10.5 lead over the second place team on June 9th is not a bad place to be.

Finally, there's this: Julian Tavarez is pitching tonight. In a National League park. Which means he WILL be batting.

Imagine the possibilities.


Tex said...

what is WONG with ty directV??? it has this lock icon on it...won show a ticke offf

Ted D said...

Tex, it's probably your TV: it sounds like you have maybe clicked on some child-lock button.

If you have your manual, try looking at that.

Tex said...

its ok I had my "other boys" help me...turned off the set and directv...sowrking now :)

Ted D said...

Glad you got it working Tex:

SOrry I wasn't anymore help.

Of course, with the Sox losing 3-0 in the 4th, you should have just left it off.

HorshamScouse said...

Oh ye of little faith and even less stamina:)
EI win for OKG (I think), no-doubter save for Paps. Still double-digit lead, still the best record in baseball and a chance to level the road trip with Dice-K tomorrow.

Stacy said...

I actually went to and saw that my Mikey drove in Papi in the 10th to win the game, 4-3.

I'm telling you; Mike Lowell is the man. :)