Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tension in the air

Tonight marks the last time we'll see the Red Sox/Yankees until August 28th, and going into this game the Sox lead the series 7-4.

While there is a lot a ball to be played between now and then, my greatest wish is that the Red Sox be about 20 games ahead by then: a win tonight puts them 14.5 up, so it's not like it's beyond the realm of possibility.

A front runner for the AL Cy Young, Beckett takes the hill looking for win number 9 in what will most likely be a very chippy game. Lowell going all Mike Alstott on Cano yesterday, Youk almost taking one off the dome Friday, Slappy's elbow to Pedie, the benches clearing Friday night, and the constant yapping at each other almost makes it a lock.

Lowell, while making a perfectly legal play, left a message for the Yankees: the Sox aren't gonna be pushed around.

I'm getting a strong sense of desperation coming out of Yankeeland, so I've got a feeling I'll be hiding behind the couch waiting for the fireworks show to begin.


Tex said...

Guess you were trying to get the jump on me...but you know ill be posting a beckett pic no matter.

I think the rain is gonna delay the game....looks like it'll be a makeup game in August. Mikey's the best though.

and Ted get UP! quit hiding like a sissy!

Ted D said...

It's for good luck Tex, you know that. ;)

I read a little bit ago that the hard rain was not due until after midnight: If they cancel it, hopefully it'll be early: ESPN has already caused this to be moved from 2 this afternoon. That is a LONG flight to Oakland.

Tex said...

PV's for Josh today1!!! Well i think you'll be surprised at my decision

Carol said...

Loved the 5th inning - Go Sox!

Ted D said...

5-4 top of the 7th.

I'm freaking out right now.

HorshamScouse said...

The fireworks show never really happened. Halfway through, I thought 'no-one's been hit or knocked down.'

The fire that brought them back three times on Saturday just wasn't there today.

Still, off to Oakland with Snr Tavarez the only one awake (scary thought).

Ted D said...


Still can't believe it ended that way. Anybody but Slappy.

We are still up 11 in the division, and 12.5 over the MFY's, so it's all good. Just have to go buy some no-doz for the next week.

Julian the only one awake: scary indeed.

Mattie said...

Well, I for one think it sucks. I can't stand seeing Bobby Abreu and his goofy little grey glove shagging Peds' shot in the 8th. I hate the Yankees. I take no consolation from the fact that they are 13.5 back. I want to destroy them. Slappy...AAAAAARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!

Tex said...

my coworker has NO idea when to shut his trap about baseball....his comment (all well intentioned) "Tough loss last night" I rolled my eyes and said 'yeah but we're still in 1st" and he tries to make light of it..but he already pissed me off now by mentioning it...its Monday DuDE...the Sox lost to the Yanks last night..leave me the HECK alone

KAYLEE said...

LETS hope batshit can do better tonight.UGH I hate late starts good things thats only 8:00 here or else Id be asleep by the 7th inning.

Ted D said...

Tex, I know what you mean: my Yankee buddy and my Yankee loving sister both crawled out of the woodwork early this morning. Of course, I took their call: unlike my Yankee buddy who won't answer his phone for days.