Monday, August 11, 2008

Charlie Tadao Zink, Welcome to the Show

27 years old. His first Knuckleball in a game hit the batter in the head. He's been in the Red Sox minor leagues since 2002 and tomorrow night he makes his Major League debut at Fenway Freaking Park against the Texas Rangers.

Thanks to my friends Cyn and Kelly I know more about Charlie Zink than 99% of the civilized world. I used to think I was a fan; then I met those two and realized I have a lot of work to do just to reach "Fan" level.

Even weirder is the fact he's a knuckleball pitcher replacing a knuckleball pitcher; Wake is on the DL and Zink is taking his place. I don't know what the odds are for one franchise to have 2 knuckleball pitchers in it's system, but I'm fairly certain you've got better odds hitting the Powerball.

Without boring those of you who read this any more than usual, I'll just link his story HERE. He's a feel good story looking for a place to land, and it looks like Fenway Park is his launching pad. You can bet the farm I'll be plopped in the easy chair with Rakes right beside me tomorrow night when he makes his debut.

Speaking of the hooligans, we went to the pool today and had a ball. At least until Rakes decided to terrorize the neighbors 3 year old, steal his swim noodle, and decide to instigate all out war with everyone in the pool with his water gun.

Trot practicing his movie star look.

Ciera giving me a glimpse of what is coming in the next 3 years. Which reminds me, I really need to buy that gun.

Finally, this could be your President in 30 years.

And you thought the last 8 years were bad.


Tree Newt said...

Here are my thoughts, muddled may they be:

2 knuclkeballers? Yikes.

Trot as a movie star? Hmmm...maybe we need to get some kind of "Suite Life of Zak and Cody" thing going with Trotster and Caroline? I'd pay to see that. The dialogue would be classic.

Let me know when you go shopping for a handgun...I'll be right behind you with a shopping cart full. 2 girls bro...2...two...dos...
(Does the scene from Bruce Almighty where Bruce controls Evan's voice)

Rakes for Pres?

If only he was running this year. He might have a shot. Heck, I'd vote for him.

Ted D said...

Mattie, 2 knuckleballers is scary and awesome all at the same time. And I'll go gun shopping with you anytime; maybe we can get a 2 for 1 discount.

Rakes as President wouldn't be any worse than what we've had or what we've got to vote for. In fact, he makes as much sense as the 2 candidates we've got. ;)

Tex said...

are those crocs Trot is wearing??????????????????? how much is it worth ya for me not to tell the SG crowd?

maybe i can watch the games finally tomorrow.

Ted D said...

Yep, they are Crocs, Tex. And he's TWO. It's ok; if he was 12 we'd have a problem. ;)

Hope you get to watch the games now.

Sarah said...

Quick story about my Red Sox weekend:

I took a train from South Bend, IN to Chicago on Friday evening. At 5 pm CDT (that's two hours before game time, folks), I get a call from a friend that her wrist is probably broken and she's going to the ER to get everything checked out, but "Don't worry, we're still going to the game!" (delusional, much?). Well, fortunately, we only missed three innings, because it wasn't broken, just badly sprained. She did this while training for the half marathon she was to run on Sunday. And the Red Sox lost. Bummer :(

Saturday? I was already in Chicago, but I had to go from downtown to the airport to drop off some stuff at the hotel where my friend was staying, and somehow make it back by game time. No problem, right? Wrong! It took probably 3 1/2 hours to make it all the way there and back - and I was in the hotel for a TOTAL of five minutes. We missed the first inning and a half. But the boys did their job (and after two games, please note that we'd already out-scored them).

On the bridge to the red line, I met a girl from LA (originally Marlboro, MA), and a friend of her's, and instead of doing nothing, I found myself out with her and her family for about four or five hours. Her parents closed down the bar with us at 3 am, at which point I met up with my friend again who had gone off partying with his fellow bachelors (bachelor party in Chicago for a weekend, and he ditched them to go to a Red Sox game. ROCK).

Sunday, I gave myself more than 90 minutes to get from the airport to the game, and I was STILL late. But this time, my friend and I only missed the first three or so batters - and we made it to see Mike Lowell drive home the majority of our runs scored. It was tough to see the Buch stop after 3 +, but we can't win them all. And I still boast a proud record of 6-2 for games at which I am present. :)

Last night I wish I could have been present at that game; if you'd believe it, NO ONE in South Bend was carrying the Sox-Sox game! I had to get text message updates throughout... but I did get to watch the Twins spank the Yanks. How sweet it is :)

That said, have a great week, loyal readers of Ted's blog!

Ted D said...

Sarah, sounds like you had a weekend for the ages. I got tired just reading about it!