Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm getting a familiar feeling...

*Picture courtesy of Kelly at sitting still*

An 8-2 win over one of the hottest hitting teams in baseball.

The rookie pitcher fresh from Pawtucket getting his first Major League win, going 5 innings and looking like this sort of thing happened every day.

A 5 foot, 6 inch second baseman hitting cleanup and going 4 for 4 with an intentional base on balls thrown in for good measure.

Fresh from the purgatory known as Atlanta, the new 4th outfielder hitting a single and two doubles to drive in 3 runs and win the hearts of Red Sox fans from Peabody to Los Angeles.

Michael Bowden, The Munchkin, and Mark Kotsay all deserve a standing ovation and a Fenway Frank for how they performed tonight; think about this for a second. If I'd have told you a week ago the Red Sox would have taken out one of the best teams in the AL, and Bowden, Pedie, and Kotsay were the biggest contributors, you'd have been looking for the closest padded room to send me too.

Instead, here we are on the verge of sweeping the Pale Hose and no matter what the Rays do, the Wild Card is there for the taking. As much as I'd love to win the division for the second year in a row, I'm a firm believer in the old saying "It's not how you drive; it's how you arrive". Whether we get to the post-season as the division champion, the Wild Card, or Vanna White picks our name out of a hat; I could care less. Just get to October and let the best team win.

To top the night off, Rakes, during a crucial inning, asked me the following:

Rakes: "Dad. Wow (Why) does Papi 'pit in his hands before he hits?"

Me: He just does, son.

Rakes: "But wow, Dad? 'Dat is dross."

There really needs to be a book for stuff like this.


Crystal said...

I haven't stopped smiling since the news yesterday.

This game surely helped!

(I assume you know exactly what news I'm referring to!)

Ted D said...

I know, Crys! Outside of Tex, you were the first person I thought of when I heard it. ;)

Tonight definitely rocked.

Tex said...

now why in tarnation would you pick the city of Peabody to name in Mass? :)

when i get my nerves finally settled from 'the news' im dealing with some blow hard who wants to rain on my niece's parade..ok well her wedding. Waiting to see what happens but they may have to move the wedding to san antonio......ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! problem is I'll be in Granbury working that day and i cannOT get to S.A. by the wedding time. I dont have many annual leave days earned and i need them for my dads family reunion and my bd. I feel like i was already making a sacrifice...splitting up my baseball weekend and missing the Sat game.

Tree Newt said...

Ok, first off, glad to see the boys rolling again. And, like you said bro, doing against Ozzie's boys and that freaking "she gone" dude is even better!

But, and forgive me here for being ignorant, what the heck is "the news" you are all talking about?

Ted D said...

Peabody just seemed like a good place to start, Tex. ;) This wedding sounds like it one big ball of stress; tell 'em to just elope. It'll save 'em a bunch of money!

Mattie, the "news" is Beckett was examined my Dr. Andrews and his arm is fine; he'll make his next start in Texas next weekend. When Tex will be there!

Tex said...

so again. WHO is the smart one in the family??

Ted D said...

::raises hand::

Tex said...

Newt. Try to keep up.

Ted D said...

He's hopeless, Tex. Hopeless.