Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Grumpiest 11 game Winner You'll Ever See

No, his dog didn't get run over by a bus, he DID save a lot of money on his car insurance, and he won his 11th game of the season 8-4 over the Rangers tonight.

I've got no idea why a guy who beat cancer, won the deciding game of the 2007 World Series, and threw a no hitter earlier this year is so grumpy.

Nor do I care; Jon Lester is 11-4 while doing his best impression of Walter Mathau in "Grumpy Old Men", so as far as I'm concerned he can go on acting like Fred Sanford with a bad case of hemorrhoids as long as he wants. Another fantastic performance against the Rangers tonight and he's giving Beckett and Daisuke a run for their money when it comes to who actually is the staff ace this year.

All I can say is this; out of the three of them, I reach more for the potato chips and less for the TUMS when Crabcakes (copyrighted by Cyn) is pitching than the other two. And if you've followed the Red Sox for the past three years, you'll know just how weird it felt for me to type that.

To top the night off, the MFY's lost to the Twins and I'm hoping for carnage or a minor earthquake later tonight while the A's host the Rays. 'Cause a world where the Red Sox aren't sitting at the top of the AL East is a world I don't wanna know.

1 1/2 games back would be a great way to wake up in the morning.


Tex said...

lester's demeanor and personality are just that. They are Lester. I know people like him. Just because he's a baseball player doesnt make him immune to it. He's just not jovial like Masterson or smartalek enough to be Beckettesque in post pressers or has a mouthpiece like Schill...he's Lester.

27 runs in two nights and STILL they were nail biters!!!

Ted D said...

Tex, my brother in law is like Lester; if you didn't know him you'd think he was the crabbiest guy ever. I'd like for him to drop the occasional F-bomb in his press conference, but as long as he's dealing I could care less.

27 runs and nail biter should never be in the same sentence; the last 2 games have taken about 5 years off my life expectancy. ;)

Sarah said...

I don't care what you say about that grump; one of these days he's going to find out that I exist and we're going to live happily ever after. One of the hottest specimens of men that I have ever laid my eyes on.

And you know, when he threw the no hitter, he smiled. Really, he did. I watched the press conference, like, 21985079324509143 times :)

Ted D said...

Are you sure Sarah? I watched it too and I swear I can't remember him smiling. ;)

Crystal said...

1.5 games?!?! WOOT! Here we come Rays!

I saw Lester interviewed at the Beckett Bowl (wonder why I watched that ;) ) and he was all smiles. He had just gotten engaged, maybe that was it!

Ted D said...

Crys, sadly I was doing a bit of wishfull thinking. Rays won last night so we're still 2.5 back. Good news is they play at 3 today so by the time the Sox start tonight we'll know if the Rays lost.

It's a strange new world order when you're keeping an eye on a team not named the Yankees. Good Luck on the evaluation today!

JMP said...

Geesh Ted....them Rays keep on winning!!!!
And they still cant fill the stadium......
I'll be glad when our boys are back on top and what about Lester!!!!!
11 wins who would of even imagined that back in April.

Ted D said...

Hey JMP! They won again today in 12 innings; unreal.

Lester's been phenomenal.