Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Road Series Win!

Thanks to some fantastic pitching by Wake and a 3 run HR by Jacoby, the Sox take the series against the Royals 2 out of 3. Normally, a series win vs. Kansas City is hardly cause to celebrate, but the way road games have gone for the boys this year, I'll take it.

Off to Chicago, Hawk Harrelson and Ozzie Freaking Guillen for the weekend.

Is it too much to ask for a Josh Beckett fastball to ricochet off the helmet of AJ Pierzynski and hit Ozzie smack dab in the middle of his forehead? Or at the very least can Ozzie trip over a sprinkler head and tear his ACL?

I didn't think so; Bring on Griffey Jr., Konerko, and the rest of the Pale Hose.

The charge to first place in the AL East is now officially on.


Tex said...

i think i could make it to wrigley by tomorrow

Sarah said...

Look for me on TV anytime Friday through Sunday; I'm going to all three games! :D Can't go Monday because of work/school, but I'm doing the best I can for my boys. They (I?) boast a 5-0 record for road games at which I have made an appearance this year - three in Baltimore, two in Cincinnati. Going for my third new ball park of the year this year!

HorshamScouse said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Jnr hitting. By far the most rhythmic, fluid swing in baseball. A swing of beauty is a joy forever.

Missed you in Baltimore, Sarah. I was the fat English guy in the Manny shirt. ::sniffle::

Ted D said...

Do it, Tex! You only live once. Although you do realize the White Sox don't play at Wrigley, right? ;)

Sarah, your devotion to the boys is admirable; have a great time this weekend and cheer them on.

Scouser, John Keats, right? See, Tex? I got me some culture. ;)

JMP said...

Hey Ted,
Two road trip wins!!!
Feeling good bout that!
Hope Youk is able to bounce back from that hit on the hand. Thats gotta hurt.
Off day today!!
Time to watch an old game tonight to keep my Red Sox CRACK addiction going!!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

That hit Youk took was nasty. I hope it doesn't amount to anything. It sure was good to see Wake get some run support for a change. And to see continued progress from the bullpen. I loved seeing Ellsbury skip-jump for joy when he saw that ball go out though. That may be the feel-good moment of the series!

I can't wait to see some Lestah tomorrow night. I am loving his starts more & more! (Still can't believe I keep saying that though.)

Ted D said...

JMP! Good to see you, man! Not sure what I'm gonna do tonight; hopefully "Deadliest Catch" is on. Nice to see the fellas win on the road and hopefully they carry it over into Chicago tomorrow.

Dawn, that sounded BAD when it hit him; knowing it's just bruised is huge. Hopefully he'll be back out there tomorrow night. And the Ellsbury reaction was priceless.

I'm right there with you on Lester; we may be watching the beginning of something special in Boston for a long time.

Sarah said...

P.S. None of you can have Lester. He's mine. So's Ellsbury... and Beckett... So what if they all have girlfriends? One day, they're going to discover my existance, and wonder how they could have lived without me for so long.

Or perhaps at least one of them will.

No? You don't think so? Neither do I. But a girl can dream, right?

Ted, I just tried to send you a picture to go with this post, but it wouldn't let me. :( It's me in Baltimore holding up the poster I made (in Red Sox font, no less): "Kiss me, Lester! I've got SOX APPEAL!"

Ted D said...

Hey Sarah!

That picture sounds hilarious!!

Keep the Faith, Sarah; you may land one of them yet. ;)