Saturday, August 2, 2008

I think I'm taking it harder than he is.

Because Mom had us all over for dinner tonight, it was the bottom of the 3rd inning when Rakes and I settled into the easy chair to watch the game tonight. In addition to him repeating my yell of "Way to Go JED!" after Lowrie's bases clearing triple, I decided to finally break the news about Manny being gone as gently as possible.

The following is a play by play account of our conversation as Coco stepped into the batters box.

Me: "Do you know who that is, buddy?"

Rakes: "Him look like Manny, Dad".

Me: "Nope. It's not Manny, bud."

Rakes: 'Dat is Toto Trispy, Dad. Bere is Manny?"

Me: "Manny doesn't play for Boston anymore, buddy. We traded him to the Dodgers."

Rakes: "Oh. When is Papi doing to bat?"

Guess I was all worried about nothing; his favorite player is gone and Rakes could care less. Maybe he gets the whole "It's all about the name on the front and not the back of the jersey" concept.

Or he just doesn't understand and I'll get a barrage of questions over the next few days that will have me pulling out the Yellow Pages for the first available therapist or wondering why in the world I even mentioned it after he's asked me for the 5,986th time about why we let Manny go.

It's a little easier to deal with this stuff after a 12-2 blowout win vs. the A's tonight and Jon Lester dealing like an ace.

Bay getting his first HR as a Red Sox player and Youk depositing 2 balls over the Monster make it even better.

I think we'll all be just fine.


Tex said...

part of me is wondering if Manny has Xtra Innings at home and catches the Boston games before heading to Dodger stadium...

Ted D said...

Wouldn't surprise me at all, Tex.

I still haz a sad.

Tex said...

im sorta in a daze still about it. But i have to say the two wins with Jason helping so much is healing the pain

Bickley said...

Durn tootin' we'll be just fine! You pegged it, buddy! It really is all about the name on the front of the jersey. We love those names on the back, but when it comes down to it, our blood bleeds red!!

Ahem. I guess everyone's blood bleeds red, but you know what I mean...

Ted D said...

Tex, he's adjusting to big boy baseball pretty well I'd say. Watched a little of the Dodgers game and I gotta say it's a bit surreal.

Bickley! Welcome home, man. I know you guys had a great time. It's a new world without Manny; so far we're doing fine.

Crystal said...

Way to go JED! Woot!

I'm glad Rakes wasn't too upset about Manny being traded. I went to the game today and it wasn't as strange as I thought it would be, not having Manny there. Bay fit in well, and played great! There were a lot of people wearing Bay Jerseys! The sign of the day (the one WRKO always hands out) was "Manny Who".

Tree Newt said...

Looks like things in the clubhouse may have been worse than anyone let on. Whatever the reasons, I'm kind of getting over the whole "I can't believe he's gone" thing and getting on to the "We've got a pretty good team" thing. Bay is a playah.

And Rakes gets it: it's just a game. We all could use a lesson, I think.

Ted D said...

Crys, I saw where you got to go to the game; glad the boys pulled a win out for you and Rakes was fine. So far, no follow up questions, so maybe it'll pass.

Mattie, I think it was worse than any of us could have known. You wanna know what was weird? Watching Manny hit a HR and get a curtain call today in the Dodger game.