Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Don Meridith was a Prophet.

Turn out the lights. The party is officially over for the MFY's.

Paul Byrd, Jason Bay, and The Munchkin made it official tonight. And if the 11-3 win isn't enough to convince you, the shots of Hank Steinbrenner looking like he'd rather be getting a prostate exam than watching the game should be.

'Course they probably knew it beforehand; when Sidney Freaking Ponson is your greatest hope, you're pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel anyway. Tonight in the Bronx, the Red Sox sent a big time message not only to the Yankees but to the rest of the contenders in the AL East.

Screw Manny, screw logic, and screw all the prognosticators who wrote the boys off for dead when they traded Manny to LA. This team can still hit, pitch, field, and flip the bird to the rest of the league with the best of 'em; 2 World championships in 4 years will do that for you.

So Joe Maddon, his hipster eye wear, and the rest of the Rays best take notice; the season ain't over, not by a long shot. And as long as the schedule says there are games to play, this team isn't conceding anything. Unless I'm mistaken, the Rays haven't played a meaningful game in September since, well, never.

Fenway Park in the stretch run is just a TAD bit different than in June; something tells me those boys will find that out pretty quick next month. We just went into Yankee stadium and
treated the GREAT NEW YORK YANKEES like the Jr. Varsity team at Podunk High.

I couldn't be happier if I'd hit the Lotto, won season tickets to Fenway Park, and found out Rakes was getting a full scholarship to Harvard.

If the Sox sweep the Yankees tomorrow in the final series between the two at Yankee Stadium?

You'll need an idustrial grade sander and some SERIOUS sandpaper to wipe the smile off my face.


Sarah said...

Your journal makes me happy. Tomorrow's afternoon game makes me happy because I can "covertly" listen to the plays while I'm organizing papers and getting some actual work done. Screw it; my credit card was charged for the month; even though I shouldn't be watching the games, I'm still paying and I will definitely pay attention. Especially when it's a matter of the Rays and the Red Sox. And even if the games against the Yankees don't mean anything anymore, you know I'm still going to root against them with every fiber of my being.

"A-Rod: Mr. April, Miss October".

Kiss your post season dreams goodbye, boys! :D

Tex said...

Rakes at Harvard? just make sure he doesn't do anything to the statue k?

isnt this awesome!!?? I dont know any other games that get me going. I got to watch last night and tonight's game. just happy as a bee.

Bay is the new Manny

Ted D said...

Hey Sarah; I'm glad it helps somebody! It's my version of "Personal Therapy".

I hate afternoon games 'cause I can't see them, but I'll definitely be following online. Plus I work with a Bronx born Yankee fan who is getting 10 degrees of grief from me right now!

And I'm with you; they aren't a threat this year, but man is it awesome to put our foot on their throat and pretty much end their season?

Ted D said...


I'm pretty sure that statue, if he ever gets there, is getting a makeover.

Like I said, I don't care if the MFY's are irrelevant, beating them is the next best thing to winning the World Series. To do it in NY, even better.

Tree Newt said...

You gotta love it. I just hate I couldn't see it. I used to remember how the TV worked....

Ted D said...

Dude, it was on ESPN. Please tell me you remember what channel that is on. Otherwise, I'm becoming your agent and negotiating your next teaching contract.

And trust me, NOBODY wants that to happen. ;)

HorshamScouse said...

I've just got (gotten?) through watching the game and, yes, it still feels great to beat the Y*****s and it'll feel even better if they can sweep Mussina away tomorrow. 5 a.m. again but a whole game before work.

And the last Sox home series at Fenway: snuff out their season and clinch the division?

Bickley said...

Wasn't that just the greatest thing EVER???? I didn't even get to see the Grand Salami, because I had to get a nap before work. I realize that, in some people's eyes, that would make me a wimpy fan. But school is back in, so I don't get as much sleep in the daytime. Anyway...

And, dude!! You quoted my all-time favorite quarterback EVER!! I will go to my grave proclaiming that Dandy Don was the best QB the Cowbags EVER had!

Way back before stupidhead Jerry Jones was in town.

Wouldn't a sweep for the last ever game the Red Sox have to play in that hell-hole be wonderful??

Of course, Hell-Hole, The Clone, is on it's way. That's a subject for an entirely different blog...why are those morons building an exact duplicate of their stadium right next door to the old one???? I saw it from the plane on our trip...that was extremely surreal, dude.

Ted D said...

Horsham, it was fantastic; a sweep? I just might have to dance.

Bickley, you work 3rd shift; anybody calls you wimpy for taking a nap never worked 3rd shift! As far as the Toilet part deux, you've got me; you think if you're building a new park, make it different. But I guess all the history, etc.. they want to make it as close to the old one as possible.