Thursday, August 7, 2008

80's Television Haz a Lie.

You ever have one of those days where you seriously contemplate sending your kids off to military school until they reach the age of 21? You know the kind I'm talking about; the ones where you utter "How come Bill Cosby never had this kind of day on the Cosby Show and you can't tell me one of HIS kids never took a whiz on the living room rug, even though the bathroom is 5 feet away?" sort of moments.

How come we never saw Cliff Huxtable have to deal with kids taking off all their clothes at the public pool, trying to stuff Buzz Lightyear down the toilet, or his 10 year old daughter Rudy wanting to know why exactly she couldn't get her eyebrow pierced?

Plus, we never saw him have one of those coma inducing arguments with his spouse where both of you keep saying the same thing that the other one thinks is a load of crap, leaving both parties looking for the next available steel pole to bang their head repeatedly into.

Have I mentioned how much I hate off-days?

Red Sox/White Sox starting tomorrow night.

Maybe I can put off that group therapy session after all.


Tex said...

cos Cosby was fiction. TV. not true. made up. false. stories.

on the other side of the world, Tex was mesmerizing 20something yr olds about life :)

Bickley said...

Hey, guy. Take heart. The Desperate Housewives lost tonight!! To the worst team in baseball!

HorshamScouse said...

Weird coincidence on the day Lisa Bonet was announced as being cast in the US version of Life On Mars!

The BBC series has a big cult following, including one of my co-workers here.

Ted D said...

Fiction? What are you talking about, Tex? ;)

Bickley, it's the morning, the sun is shining, and the Red Sox will be on tv tonight; life is good.

John, that is a strange coincidence; I always thought she was a bit weird. Hope you are well.

~**Dawn**~ said...

You know, I think my dad had the easiest job ever with me. Once I got over being colicky at 3 months, I have been laidback & low-maintenance ever since. I could always entertain myself. I never got into any *real* trouble (sure I was a brat from time to time & sometimes I had a smart mouth & I would pick at my brother because that's what siblings do) but by & large, my dad got very lucky with me -- so *he* has said. Now my brothers on the other hand? Well... let's just say they made up for my being easy. ;-)

Ted D said...

Dawn, sounds like your Dad got a great deal; in Ciera's defense, she gets sort of rounded up with her brothers in general. Overall, she is a fantastic child and I'm just dreading puberty. Now the boys? That is a whole nother ballgame. ;)

JMP said...

You mean the life and family are not like we saw on Andy Griffith, Father knows best and My three Sons????

Man..when I was a kid those shows were on all the time as reruns and I believed some of it for a while...... and I just got another kick in the pants to let me know what life and reality are really like!
Man, I hate being an Idealist!!!

Love them SOX though!!!

Ted D said...

Yeah, JMP. And trust me, Rakes is the farthest thing from Opie Taylor there is!

Looking forward to Lester pitching tonight.

Edge of Design said...

Eyebrow pierced? First I've heard of it and hopefully the last. I just asked dd and she has never heard of it either.

Ted D said...

Be glad, Edge. It's a New World Order over here. ;)