Saturday, August 23, 2008

Crabcakes has a sad.

So do I. After working all day, I hopped in the car, called my little brother Josh, and got the good news on the final score; 11-0 Blue Jays and apparently the suck Clay Buchholz left behind the other night got to Jon Lester today.

I started the day off with kisses from Rakes, Trot, Ciera, and Ang. I sold some furniture, got back in the car, and came home to kisses from the aforementioned lineup, sans Ciera who is spending the night with a friend. All I missed was the game today.

Suddenly I'm glad I had to work.

Tomorrow is coming, and with it comes Daisuke and his 15-2 record.

Which reminds me, I need to stop by the drug store on the way home from church and stock up on TUMS and Rolaids.

Tell me again why it is I love the pennant race?


Tex said...

I cant even figure out who Im gonna get to see pitch in a few weeks. a roll of the dice would be nice

Ted D said...

With all the injuries and bad starts, I have no clue who's pitching, Tex. Hopefully you'll get to see Beckett again.