Friday, August 15, 2008

Nothing Sadder Than a Covered Baseball Field

After working 10 hours and selling all day long, there is nothing, other than kissing my wife and kids, that I look forward to more than seeing the Red Sox play. And as much as I hate to see the phrase "Rain Delay" on my television screen, I hate seeing this even more.

"Game is Postponed".

Why doesn't Mother Nature just go ahead and have a 10 foot tall tree fall on my gibleys and call it a day?

You work all day with that game at 7 p.m. your light at the end of the tunnel and at the end of the day you're stuck watching the Rays/Rangers game and praying for a miracle to happen and the Rangers to stop the sucking.

Word to the wise: you can pray all you want and it still won't matter. Tampa is winning 5-0 and Texas still stinks.

To top it all off, there won't be a double header tomorrow; according to the geniuses who run MLB it'll be made up in SEPTEMBER. Personally, I think Bud Selig should be tied buck naked on top of an ant hill while slathered in Honey for decisions like this, but because of all the restraining orders he'll never hear my opinion.

All I know is it's 10:00 p.m., I have no Red Sox on my television, and I've spent the last 45 minutes putting my collection of NESN transcripts in chronological order.

There'd better be a game tomorrow night or else I'm gonna be forced to color code the stupid thing.

I really need to consider getting some sort of life.


Tex said...

\A few minutes in, he looked over and said the following: "Do you know who wears ladies underwear, Dad?"

"Derek Jeter". Which was immediately followed by a giggle fit from him./

catching up on my reading. So has Rakes been reading SG again?

Paige is about to start soccer and her mom is gonna be a coach. I think that means Im helping. Im going to have to practice biting my tongue

Tex said...

\I really need to consider getting some sort of life./

you do. its called entertaining the neighborhood

Redbeard76 said...

That's the kind of summer it's been up here, and I'm surprised we've been this lucky to get so many games in. It really has been the summer of rain up here.

Ted D said...

Tex, you as a soccer coach frightens me on about 20 different levels! And Rakes hadn't been reading SG, he watched Shrek 2 where the Gingerbread Man utters the infamous "It's a THONG!" about Pinnochio's underwear!

Redbeard, sounds like you all need to trade your cars in for an ark; meanwhile we're in a drought about 14 hours south of you; weird.

Tex said...

well tell him its Arod who wears ladies underwear...Madonna's to be exact.

yah. im sure i wont be really coaching. im sure all you teach them is which way to run and kick the ball. i asked paige what her team was named. She said 'the soccers' and rolled her eyes at me. im telling ya, the world would end as we know it if rakes and paige were in the same room.

or we'd have a new screenplay for a sitcom

Ted D said...

Tex, she sounds like a handful! The two of them sound like two of a kind; as long as we get co-credit on the screenplay, I'm all for a new sitcom!

Tree Newt said...

Dude, puhhhlease tell me you're kidding about having a collection of NESN transcripts. Seriously.

Ted D said...

Kidding, Newt. Kidding.

Although if you haven't gotten me anything for Christmas yet...