Thursday, August 14, 2008

Everybody get out your broom


Scoring a grand total of 37 runs over 3 games, the Red Sox swept the Rangers out of Fenway tonight to the tune of 10-0. Other than the ulcer inducing 19-17 win on Tuesday, this has been about as a relaxing 3 game series that I could imagine; Tonight's 10 runs combined with last nights 8 has me wondering if we've messed with the baseball mojo heading into a 3 game set with the Blue Jays.

Who, by the way, are coming in loaded for bear. Doc Halladay tomorrow, Marcum on Saturday, and AJ Burnett and his .25 cent head on Sunday while the Sox counter with newly signed Paul Byrd (who makes the old dude from Major League look like a flame thrower), Beckett, and Buchholz on Sunday. Byrd is a wild card; I have no idea what we'll be getting from him. Beckett? I imagine he'll be his normal pissed off, angry self come Saturday.

It's Buchholz I'm worried about; his last 8 or so starts have been excuses to slam your head in the car door repeatedly; I'm hoping he's got his stuff together enough to where the bats can carry him through. I gotta admit though; I really wish it was Bartolo and his Andre the Giant-like body taking the bump for that game.

Finally, I had one of those "Man, is it awesome to be a Dad" moments tonight.

Rakes, after letting me read three books to him before bedtime, wanted to watch a little bit of the game.

A few minutes in, he looked over and said the following: "Do you know who wears ladies underwear, Dad?"

"Derek Jeter". Which was immediately followed by a giggle fit from him.

And me.

Being a parent truly is a calling.


Edge of Design said...

He's a character alright! I mean that in the nicest way.

HorshamScouse said...

Red Sox killer B's perhaps?

It just occurred to me that Rakes might just be the warm-up act for Trot. Now there's a thought. :)

Ted D said...

Yes he is, Edge. ;)

John, don't say that. PLEASE don't say that; I'm not sure my nerves can take another one.qscigv

jess said...

only if we keep lugo out we are good to go, we do not need him anymore the one that is playing for him is doing alot better

Ted D said...

Morning Jess! Yeah, I'd have to say the "Jed Lowrie Era" has officially began.

Tell Sierra Hi for me!