Friday, April 3, 2009

3 More Days. 3 More Days. 3 More Days.

The last memory I have of Red Sox baseball that actually matters is watching the Tampa Bay Rays eliminate the boys in Game 7 of the ALCS last fall.

Forget the WBC and Spring Training and even tonight's game that just ended with the Mets beating the Old Towne Team in the debut game at Citi Field, even though I watched it 'till the bitter end and want K-Rod to step on a sprinkler head around 1 pm tomorrow.

Come Monday Beckett will be on the bump, Fenway will be rocking, and hopefully the Rays will be put back in their place as the door stop of the AL East.

And all that talk about possible rain outs I've been reading?

Not happening.

Josh Beckett won't allow it.


Tex said...

Rain clouds are luminous till Beckett steps on the mound. Beckett goes at least 7 innings, 6 K's, no walks, 1 earned run. We win 7-3
oh and at least 19 F-bombs

Ted D said...

Perfect, Tex. I like the way you think.

Rich in the garage said...

Beckett is Mr. Sunshine don't you know that?

Sunshine and F$(#(ING lolipops.)

Ted D said...

Perfect, Rich.

Rich in the garage said...

Also I can see my work in that image.

Its a perfect yin and yang for me. Baseball that I love and that which provides my income that I might enjoy and imbibe all that is baseball.

Some people get crosses to bear, I got 3500 parking spaces within a half mile of fenway.

God has a sense of humor.

Ted D said...

Yes he does. Which building is yours again?

Rich in the garage said...

The one right off of peskies pole and the one to its right.

That big ugly thing, the prudential center.

Ted D said...

Is your garage in the Prudential Center, or sort of in front of it?

Sarah said...

How about my sister is going to BE at that game?? Her boyfriend bought them Opening Day tickets for her birthday. Lucky :P

Ted D said...

Sarah, now I know of 4 people who'll actually be there! I hate them all. ;)