Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Pitchers Duel That Wasn't

*Image courtesy of Yahoosports*

On paper, Josh Beckett vs AJ Burnett should be a 2 hour, 15 minute affair that ends in a score of 3-1 with everyone making their 7 o'clock dinner reservations with no worries.

Paper sucks. 16-11 Red Sox win in a slobberknocker with a Grand Slam by Tek, heroics by Jacoby, Munchkin and Bay, and topped off by a "I have no idea how that ball stayed fair" dinger over the Monster that I'm pretty sure grazed the foul pole hit by Lowell.

I'm now hoarse. From yelling in the car on the way home when Tek hit his granny so loud I scared the dude in the pickup truck with the Dale Earnhardt Jr bumper sticker so much he moved one lane over to me, Rakes and Trot AND me yelling "Get OUT ball!" when Mikey hit his homer, then willing Pap to just please get it over with in the ninth.

Games in April shouldn't make you consider buying a defibrillator for home use; but they still do.

Game 3 tomorrow night on ESPN; Buck/McCarver and Morgan/Phillips/Miller back to back.

I'm fairly certain they wouldn't even allow this at Guantanamo Bay.

Best part about today? Mikey's "Screw you" fist pump after Girardi intentionally walks Bay to pitch to Scenic.

Sometimes, the good guys really do win in the end.


Tex said...

I can't get enough. Couldn't watch the game cos FOX knows what game I need to watch. Beckett disappoints...but the game is about the team. And the team beat the Yankees. AGAIN


Ted D said...

It was epic, Tex. And thanks for the info in the phone; I should be up and running by tomorrow.

Tex said...

I got a new pic up now. I cant even write about it. Freaking Awesome

HorshamScouse said...

Slobberknocker? Brilliant!

I'm trying to watch the archive on and it's a flaky as the live coverage was. I'd have been better off going to work and following along on SG. :(

What did I do in a former life to deserve this team?

Ted D said...

Checking it out, Tex... And thanks for the scoop on the phone!

John, not sure what any of us did but they sure are a kick to watch day in and day out!

Tex said...

John, you're like me...we weren't born into "IT"....we chose it.

We have a saying for all those who move to Texas (being from another country/state)

"I'm not from Texas but I got here as fast as I could"

thats how I feel about being a Red Sox fan. alittle late to the game...but I got here just in time.

fla beck said...

I wish I could describe Jacob,smiling,jumping up and down,trying to high five me and cover his earsfrom my piercing screams at the same time when Tek hit the granny! Good times! One of the best games I've ever seen!

Ted D said...

Tex has bingo.

Fla beck, I can imagine it was a lot like me and my boys! Great win.