Sunday, April 5, 2009

Me, Trace Atkins, and Ciera's Cotillion

I should have known I was in trouble when I got home from church and Ciera say's "Dad. You're not going to wear THAT today, are you?"

Now I was, for me, pretty dressed up. Nice jeans, boots, blue dress shirt, and blazer. Apparently, this wasn't what she had in mind. I was informed I needed to wear dress pants, a coat, and a tie. And NO Red Sox tie. I also was told I needed to button my coat when standing, unbutton it when I sat down, and not to slouch. Normally on Sundays I'm in shorts and my Sox cap faster than Rakes can take his shoes off, so this isn't what I wanted to hear 2 hours before the big event.

Ciera looked beautiful, Ang was her usual stunning self, and I looked liked a square peg trying to fit into a round hole but we made it to the Country Club on time and grabbed a seat on the back row to watch. Mind you, I've just recently learned how to spell Cotillion, so I had no clue what to expect.

What I got was a woman whose lifelong dream I'm pretty sure was to be a coach to a beauty pageant contestant; sort of like Kramer that time on "Seinfeld" only not nearly as funny and twice as annoying. As she rambled on and on I started to day dream about the damage Rakes and Trot could do to that ball room and how if my Mom had made me do something like that I'd still be in therapy over it to this day.

Then they started to dance. I watched my little girl, looking as pretty as I've ever seen her, smiling and laughing and dancing around that room and for a moment I wished I could make time stop. Stop so that dumb boy won't break her heart in a few years. Stop so I won't have to one day let her leave with that punk kid in his car to go on that first date.

Stop so I won't have to answer that question from that preacher one day about "Who gives this woman away to be married?"

I'll deal with all that as it comes, I guess.

Today? Today I got to dance with my little girl.

Well, she danced and I tried not to fall down.

On a side note, only in North Carolina would you find Trace Atkins "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" played at a Cotillion.

True Story.


Tree Newt said...

Ok, that is just too much. I don't know where to begin. One, I know I'm not ready for ANY of that with my girls! Two, what's this first date stuff you speak of? Third, you need to get that wig busted. Fourth, Cierra looked like a princess. Fifth, glad she talked you out of wearing your "I Came To This Cotillion For My Daughter, but I'd Really Rather Be Watching the Sox" outfit. Bless her. Sixth, I can't believe they actually played that Trace Atkins song. Seventh, I can't believe she's old enough for this. Eighth, I think I just reached my maximum number of comments. Ninth, I figure I'll try one more. Tenth, they grow up too fast.

Tree Newt said...

Just posting again because I forgot to click the "follow up comments box"

So that's 11. That's a record for me.

Oh, security word: beltry. Kind of like Beltran. That's for you, Jr.

HorshamScouse said...

12: What Tree Newt said.

Sarah said...

This made me smile :) You are such a sucker for your daughter... and she knows it. Watch out, sir! ;)

Ted D said...

Mattie and John, that is WAY to much to follow up on so I'll just say it was sort of like an out of body experience and that I'm really glad today is Opening Day.

And Sarah; Yes I am and yes she knows it.