Monday, April 27, 2009

Jacoby Makes Rakes Smile

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Like most kids, mine get stuck on a movie and will watch it on an endless loop. I'm talking into the hundreds of watching the same movie over and over again. Currently in the van is "Shrek" and while I'm only in that car 2 days a week I can recite the movie, word for word, from the beginning, up to and including the "Doolot" song. How Ang hasn't lost her mind completely is right up there with Stonehenge and crop circles in the category of unexplained phenomena.

At home? Currently in the rotation is "The Sandlot", one of my all-time favorite movies.

So when Jacoby stole home against the Yankees last night, just like Benny "The Jet" at the end of "The Sandlot" I can't tell you how bad I wanted to go wake Rakes up and show him. Good sense took over and I waited until today to show him.

The look on his face was priceless as he watched the clip, looked at me and said "Dad. He looked JUST like Benny!"

Man, do I love this game.


Tree Newt said...

You gotta love a sweep. Even if it is April. And I think you should have woke him up.

By the way, did you happen to see my Canes roll the Devils in Game 6? Beauty.

Ted D said...

I probably should have. And yes, I've been keeping up with the local hockey team.

Not one of them throws a curveball I've observed.

Bickley said...

Awwww....that makes me smile! See? He can be cute, right?

Ted D said...

Every now and again, Bickley. Every now and again....

Rich in the garage said...

By the way, did you happen to see my Canes roll the Devils in Game 6? Beauty.//

Too bad they don't stand an ice cubes chance in hell if they have to play the B's.

Ted D said...

Great. Matt and Rich trash talking hockey. ;)

Rich in the garage said...

There is no trash talking, B's are the best team out there right now.

Its like the 07 red sox...who the eff is going to stop us?!

Ted D said...

Jr, I know less about hockey than I know about women,which isn't much, So I'll take your word for it.