Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome Back, Julio

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Julio Lugo returned to the Boston line up tonight and so far has reached base twice, once on a hit and on a walk.

He also committed one of the 17 Red Sox errors(I'm going on memory; this may or may not be factually accurate) to go along with more blown leads by Brad Penny than I can keep up with. As much I'm rooting for the guy to succeed I've come to the following conclusion.

Dude is the baseball equivalent to the bad luck Tiki necklace in the classic "Brady Bunch go to Hawaii" storyline.

And he just lines a base hit down the RF line to put the Sox up 8-7 in the top of the 7th.

Just when I think Rakes or Trot is going to be the death of me, Julio comes off the DL and changes the whole equation.


Tree Newt said...

Ok, Lugo's back and the boys are winning. But can I be the first to say it here:

The Canes are going to Beantown. Yeah, it's not Yankess-Sox, but for the younger brother of the RSD, it's HUGE.

Ted D said...

Mattie, you and Rich need to have a talk. Congrat's to the Canes but according to my fellow 30 short it's going to be a short visit.

::pops popcorn and sits back::

Bickley said...

Julio Lugo sucks, Ted. He just sucks. He lost that game. Period. There was no need for him to be back in the lineup, because everything was rolling like a well-oiled machine.

HorshamScouse said...

Someone has to bite the bullet and conclude that, whatever Lugo had, he's lost it. The idea of an $8m third string shortstop (Green until Lowrie's back) would be hard for the FO to swallow but they can't carry on hoping he'll come good.


How're Ang and the kids?

Ted D said...

Bickley, it was tough to watch for sure. They had to get him back out there sometime but maybe in the middle of an 11 game win streak wasn't the best time.

John, word. And Ang and the kids are great my man! Thanks for asking!

Christine E. said...

Hey Ted:

I'm with Bickley--Julio Lugo...he SUCKS...

Sorry I haven't been here i na while--life comes at you fast--hope you and Ang and the kids are doing well..:-)

Go Sox!

Rich in the garage said...

The Canes are going to Beantown. Yeah, it's not Yankess-Sox, but for the younger brother of the RSD, it's HUGE.//

Bruins win the series in five games.

Four is a distinct possibility. There isn't really much me to talk about with him Ted.

Im willing to bet that without googling it the newt doesn't know what the original name of the team was before they came to Carolina.

The canes may as well start reserving tee times.

Ted D said...

Hey Christine! No worries; same deal here. And I still have to support hi. as long as he wears th B.

Rich, hou.d lose that bet my man. Mattie is a long time die hard puck head. He knows his NHL.

Rich in the garage said...

If he knows the name of the orignal teams theme song, without looking that up, I'll give up my cown.

Ted D said...

I know it, Rich. They used to play it on the Dan Patrick show back in the day so he knows it.

Abdicate the throne immediately, Jr.

Tree Newt said...

Man, Rich gives me absolutely no cred, does he? While I readily admit to being a casual Sox fan, I am most definitely a puck head. I'm hurt by the obvious indication that I'm a bandwagoner.

Bruins in 5? Maybe 4?

C'mon, bro. You seen the Canes play at all? Montreal, they ain't.

Ted D said...

Mattie, I was taking up for you. Rich is young and impressionable.

And no, I haven't seen one minute of hockey. There is baseball on my tv only.

Except Jack Bauer. And Lost.

Rich in the garage said...

But whats the name of the song ted?

Cmon... Brass Bonanza was the name of the song. The single most excellent theme song in the history of theme songs.

The canadiens were a far bigger physical threat and we have the best goal tender in the league.

Tree Newt said...

I agree that Brass Bonanza kills "Rock U Like a Hurricane", but I refused to answer on the grounds that I could have simply googled it. I actually was at a Greensboro Monarchs game years back when the crazy dude that played it with the trumpet was hanging from the glass upside down. Pretty wild. I think we should bring it back.

Thomas is the man, but the playoffs are a different game. I still say we're a bigger threat than ya think Rich! But here's to a great series either way! We'll see what happens!