Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I FAIL at Tivo

While cursing Mother Nature for making me miss Monday's Opening Day at Fenway because of rain, I devised a second plan; not as good as the real thing, but under the circumstance the best I could come up with.

I would Tivo the NESN broadcast of the game rescheduled for today, avoid the internet/score while at work, then come home and listen to the sweet sounds of Remy and DO calling the game.

I made it until 4:15 before I checked the score; in my defense my good friend hayes texted me when Pedie went yard in the first so I figured since I knew THAT I might as well keep up the best I could. After all, I had the fact I was going to hear Orsillo and his dulcet voice making the call waiting for me when I got home.

You can understand why I took Rakes plastic golf club and beat the laundry basket into submission when I discovered I had Tivo'd the game.

Only I Tivo'd the RAYS broadcast.

If you've ever heard Ken Harrelson call a White Sox game, imagine that. Only slightly worse.

This is reason 4,579 that I am an idiot.

I'm pleased to report The Commander was in fine form with 10 K's, 1 ER, and 3 instances of cursing a blue streak that would make the late George Carlin blush. Tek and The Munchkin hit a homah, Mikey Doubles banged one off the wall, and Papelbon struck out 2 of the 3 he faced in the ninth, pumped his fist like it was Game 7 of the WS, and the Sox won 5-3.

Oh yeah; Hey CC.

Say hello to a TRUE ace.


Tex said...

So my prediction of:

Tex said...
Rain clouds are luminous till Beckett steps on the mound. Beckett goes at least 7 innings, 6 K's, no walks, 1 earned run. We win 7-3
oh and at least 19 F-bombs...

wasnt too far off.

I liked his comment "I really did a good job today executing my pitches"


HorshamScouse said...

So how come you can produce a great blog and yet you can't set your Tivo properly??

I guess you should get Ciera to do it next time...

Off to figure out why my account didn't work for Tex.

HorshamScouse said...

I thought I'd check the account by watching the archive of the game.
Yes, the account works and, yes, I could select the NESN feed and, yes, there was no sound.

I knew that going in cos Lydia whinged about it at SG but did I remember? No.

Now who can spell dink?:)

Ted D said...

Tex, you're a physic? But yeah, not far off.

John, I barely know how to run the Tivo, and when I get multiple options? Forget about it. Think I'll take your advice and get Ciera to do it next time.

Rich in the garage said...

Your suffering makes me laugh.

I listened to the stig on the way home and listened to DO and Remy as Pap came in in the ninth.

It was a fantastic day.

Ted D said...

I hate you.

Remy and DO WILL be heard in my living room tonight. Day games are teh suck.

Rich in the garage said...

See I got to leave early because my great aunt is terminal with liver cancer and was having a bad day so I wanted to be home in case something happened.

As it so happened to work out I got to listen to the game on the hour+ ride back to the cape and got home before we were permitted to see her and caught the 9th.

Ill take a misguided tivo over my aunt having a stroke.

Ted D said...

Rich, if you're lying I'm going to have JB hurt you.

Rich in the garage said...

Why would you make something up like that?

It's a pretty miserable situation to just make up. That sort of thing is beyond even me.

Tex said...

Im not a physic or a psychic either :)

I just know Beckett

~**Dawn**~ said...

Welcome to my personal hell, Ted. Every single time the Sox play the Rays. Home or away. I think I might actually miss Joe Magraine.

Ted D said...

Now you're talking crazy, Dawn. That dude is HORRIBLE.