Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday. Or Our Version Of It.

I left work a few minutes early tonight to get to church for a Good Friday service. Ang was singing, Ciera and Rakes were in the congregation, and Trot was SUPPOSED to be in a class in back.

Upon arriving however, I discovered there was in fact NO CLASS for him and he was in the Sanctuary which immediately ratcheted my level of difficulty for the evening up to 11. First thing I did was put Rakes on one end, Ciera next to me, and Trot on the other side; divide and conquer being the first rule in parental warfare.

As we all stood for the first scripture reading and I heard some random noise, my first thought was somebody had left their cell phone volume up and was getting a call. Took me a few seconds to realize it was coming from Rakes DS, where he was merrily playing "Call of Duty". With the VOLUME ON.

After getting that problem seen to, I turned to my left and Trot was laid out on the floor, under the pew in front of us trying to retrieve the breath mint he'd tossed underneath. By this point my mind is totally off what is going on at church and I'm just trying not to jerk him up by the back of his pants; Ciera laughing at him didn't help.

All was calm for the next few minutes; Ciera gave Trot her Mom's cell phone to play a game and it worked like a charm.

Until the battery died and he LOUDLY let me know "DAD. THE BATTERY DIED!"

We somehow made it through the hour long service without Trot or Rakes bursting into flames or me stroking out and Trot's teacher, Mrs. Karen (who was sitting behind us) told Ang afterword's that Trot was, I quote, "wonderful".

You gotta love a teacher.

Sox and Angels in another 10 p.m. start tonight and I'm already starting to resemble a rabid raccoon but I'll try my best to stay up again for the whole thing.

Although if they wanted to throw up a 10 run lead by the 4th inning I wouldn't exactly complain.


Stacy said...

I was two rows back, and only heard Trot one time. Never heard the DS or any other commotion. It's never as bad as you think (I've been there...remember Cousin Jerry.)They did fine. :)

Ted D said...

Rakes had that thing up at full volume; guess he couldn't hear it during the music.

Karen said...

Mrs. Karen has four sons and knows wonderful when she sees it! Trot was wonderful. Trust me. I could tell you stories... In fact, I do believe it was Mrs. Stacy who stopped our youngest mid-performance as he was mimicking the sainted Dr. Gardner as he sang a special.

Come to think of it, it was right about where Trot was sitting...

Ted D said...

Lolz. I'd forgotten about that.