Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Life Needs a Bleep Button.

After a long day at work and a migraine pressing on my skull I entered my house tonight to find Ren and Stimpy playing with permanent magic markers.

On the living room floor.

After reading them the riot act and trying to eat some dinner I went upstairs to see what they were doing/destroying. As I entered Rakes' room I heard Trot utter the following sentence:

"Rakes. I'm donna tick your a*%."

Momentarily stunned, I managed to ask where he had heard that particular phrase. After he blamed his sister, his friend Salvatore, and somehow Tom and Jerry (I KNEW this one was false; the fact they don't actually talk gave it away) Rakes finally admitted it was from a video game called "Pain" they play at their Grandfather's house on the PS3.

I'm now having visions of his teacher telling him to get in his seat and the expletives just flying in response.

Either that or they both end up on "Jackass: The Next Generation" in about 10 years.


Tex said...

or possibly he's watching all of Beckett's youtube post game interviews

Stacy said...

Banner night at casa de Ted. :)

he, he

Ted D said...

Could be, Tex. And laugh it up, sis. You'll be a grandmother someday and then I'LL be the one laughing.

Kaleigh Michelle said...

BAHAHAH it's a close tie for me on which part of this story is the most hilarious; the fact that Trotty can't even say KICK yet, or that he blamed it on a cartoon.

Stacy said...

Listen sporty, they'll be no talk of becoming a grandmother. I've told Libby she shouldn't have kids before she's 30! :)

Ted D said...

He's a trip, Kaleigh. And keep hope alive, Stacy.