Thursday, April 21, 2011

What child labor laws?

Ang had a hair appointment today, the kids are out of school for Spring Break, it takes roughly 3 hours to color your hair (who knew?) and there was no way in the name of the ghost of Ted Williams I was leaving Heckle and Jeckle home with their big sister.

So Trot went to my Mom's, Ciera stayed home, and Rakes went to work with me for about 7 hours today.

He vacuumed the rug, helped clean the warehouse, and at one point was walking around with a tape measure asking random customers to "Let me know if you need something measured."

We also had to go look up a price for someone and when I inadvertently said the wholesale price I had to practically tackle him before he told the lady and gotten me fired. Apparently 7 year old boys don't understand the concept of "retail pricing".

His highlight of the day? Well, other than finding about 20 allen wrenches on the warehouse floor, riding a dolly around like a skateboard, and opening the cash register up was when my boss announced him as "Helper of the Day" and gave him a 6 foot tall motorcycle race trophy our store sponsored a few years back.

If you could zoom in you'd see all those allen wrenches carefully arranged on the bottom of it, along with one of my business cards and for some reason?

A Spanish coin.

Anyways, Sox/ Angels @ 10:00 tonight and Beckett on the mound.

Let the carnage commence.


Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Awww! Love that boy! So like his cousin Garrison. He's going to LOVE looking through all of Garrison's treasures!

Tex said...

So did he make a commission today?

heehee today's word verification:
psypo LOL

Stacy said...

So cute. :)
He HAD to help your sales figures yesterday!

Ted D said...

Sonya, he's getting excited about seeing Garrison. Tex, no commission, but to Stacy's point, I did have a pretty good day yesterday; maybe I need to take him more often?