Saturday, April 16, 2011

Schilling Redux?

Remember back in '04 when it seemed like every time the Sox HAD to win the Big Schill stepped up to the plate? Using my scientifically proven method of pulling stats out of thin air I estimate this phenomenon happened about 4,588 times that year.

Wasn't just with the Sox, though. In Philadelphia and Arizona both, when somebody needed to step up, boot the big boy boots on, and be The Stopper, Curt Schilling did it. Early in his career Schilling had brief moments of greatness but until he finally figured it all out there wasn't anyone who thought he'd turn into one of the better pitchers of his era and a close but probably not enough Hall of Famer.

See where I'm trying to go here?

Today, Josh Beckett stepped up. Again. Just like he did last Sunday night against the Yankees after a beat down the night before, The Commander saved the day.

Look, I'm not comparing him to Schill. Yet. But he keeps pitching this way?

This team has a Stopper.

At 3-10?

It's a start.


Tex said...

it is when 2 of the 3 are Beckett's. Sorry I missed the game but I know there will many others to come

Rich in the Garage said...

You guys kill me for reading too much into a couple of games, yet when you do all do it, its perfectly acceptable.

It's early, yes the signs are good. But lets not give him the Cy Young just yet huh?

Ted D said...

//But he keeps pitching this way?//

That's giving him the Cy Young? I said IF. And based on how everyone else not named Jon Lester has pitched, we'd be 1-10 if not for Beckett. Calm down, Jr.

toosoxy said...

it's just great to have him back! i was beginning to think he was broken.

if he keeps this up, i think the curt schilling comparisons might keep coming...

and, if everyone can jump all over a bad record in april, we can certainly jump all over good moments in april.


Tex said...

did we mention Cy?? Rich. really you need to breathe

Ted D said...

Good point; if you can rant and rave about Crawford I can definitely be excited about Beckett.

HorshamScouse said...

Or 1-12 possibly. If Beckett can have another 'odd' year in 2011 he'll OK.

Ted D said...

That too, Horsham. Math never was my best subject. ;)