Thursday, April 28, 2011

Serenity Now.

I signed up several months back to go on a field trip with Rakes to the Life and Science museum in Durham, NC tomorrow. Spend the day with my son, soak up some Science, and still get back to work for about 5 hours; I was totally looking forward to it.

Until I got home tonight and read the letter his teacher sent home which said the following:

"You will be responsible for your own child as well as others that will be assigned to you. It will be extremely important for you to keep your eyes on all the children you are responsible for at all times. Please know that their safety is your main concern."

Look, I love kids. They crack me up. But I'm like a war veteran walking around my own house; I jump at every noise, go into mild panic attacks every time I hear a toilet flush, and I can't totally relax until everyone is in bed for the night, and even then it's only until about 4 in the morning. I'm a freaking nervous wreck already and now I've got to be responsible for someone ELSE'S kid?

You think they'd get upset if I showed up with 10 feet of rope and some cow bells in the morning?


Stacy said...

You live with Trot.
Trust me, you'll be fine. :)

Ted D said...

Good point.