Sunday, April 3, 2011

On to the rest of the season.

My day started out with me going to Walmart and picking up Trot's Birthday cake, some balloons, and a co-present for him and Rakes; a basketball goal.

I should let you know now it once took me 8 hours to put a grill together, so the thought of tackling this thing didn't exactly leave me all warm and fuzzy.

2 hours in and I had to stop to go to the roller skating rink for 3 hours of bumps, bruises, several near misses, and more Toto than I'd heard in the last 20 years. (Are skating rinks so dated they can't play new music? The closest thing to "new" I heard was a Kenny Chesney song from at LEAST 6 years ago.) The boys fell so many times I'm requiring them to wear jeans tomorrow just so the school won't call Social Services in for an investigation.

We made it through the party and even though I came close on numerous occasions to turning into Richard Pryor I somehow managed to get the goal up and I ended the day playing hoops with my boys in the driveway.

I also missed the Sox game although Jr kept me updated throughout. (Thanks again, Gilligan.)

Come September we won't even remember Opening Weekend and the boys will be right in the thick of it so I'm not sweating the 0-3 start too much.

But it'd do my heart good to know Dustin Pedroia went on a 10 minute, expletive laden rant in the clubhouse after today's game, complete with a water cooler left in ruins in his wake.


Rich in the Garage said...

You almost lit yourself on fire while smoking crack?

Did I miss something here?

Ted D said...

Cursing, you moron.