Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday night with The Eck.

Even though the Sox are losing 2-0 to the Mariners in the 7th inning (I'm fully expecting a walk off win mind you) and have left approximately 3,578 runners on base so far all, in fact, isn't lost.

Due to Jerry Remy being out on sick leave Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley has been DO's color man tonight. If you've never heard Eck call a game it's absolutely classic. He's got a porn stache and Danny Partridge's hair cut, blurts out whatever comes into his mind with no filter, has been known to drop a profanity or twelve at a moments notice, and has an "Eckism" for just about everything.

For example:

Moss = hair, Cheese = fastball, etc..

Tonight, talking about Mariner's DH Jack Cust and his strange demotion to AAA by the A's a few years ago, he dropped two new ones. "Beans" which stands for money and "Iron" which apparently also stands for money.

If I do nothing else tomorrow you can rest assured I will do everything humanly possible to work those two words into a sentence the first chance I get.

Now, about that late inning comeback.....


HorshamScouse said...

You should mark all your floor stock in beans. Might be tricky figuring how much iron to charge for that iron bedstead though.

Ted D said...

I like it, Scouser.

Scott said...

Eck is great, I don't mind Jerry being out if Eck is filling in for him. Gammons is ok, he knows some inside stuff which makes him interesting. But Eck makes it fun.

Ted D said...

He used the word "paint" 3 times in about 5 seconds last night. Classic.