Wednesday, April 27, 2011

They grow up too fast.

Trot has kindergarten orientation next week (Don't worry; the Principle goes to church with us and has assured me he's alerted the teachers, law enforcement community and Homeland Security in advance of this fall) and last night Ang was showing him how to say his phone number, address, his ABC's and how to draw a picture of himself.

Being that they want the kids to not draw a stick figure but draw arms, hands, fingers, ears, etc... Ang was telling him to draw everything he had on his body.

You probably see where this is going......

In the most excited voice he uses this side of Christmas morning or his birthday, my little Dennis the Menace yells out "And now I can draw my WEENIE!!!"

May God have mercy on his poor Kindergarten teachers soul.


Stacy said...

Let's just hope he gets a young, energetic teacher with a great sense of humor. :)

Ted D said...

Or an older teacher whose ready to retire and just doesn't care anymore.

Tex said...

PG warning: I can see it now "Trot, how is it your drawing shows your arm is shorter than your wiener?"
:teacher gets out ruler to show him what six inches is:

What? dont write that into your story and not expect me to say something :)

Ted D said...

I've got a sinking feeling I'll be at school a lot more than I care to next year.