Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A break in the Madness.

In the middle of a pitching performance by Daisuke that reminded me to stock up on TUMS, Rolaids, and Pepto Bismal for the playoffs, I wandered into the toy room and spotted Rakes and Trot in relative quiet.

No sword fighting, no UFC chokeouts, and positively no atomic elbows off the top rope. After watching Daisuke give up 5 walks while throwing 1,265 pitches through 5 innings, I needed some peace.

The mental treadmill I walk every game would make most people either quit watching baseball all together or take up meth as a hobby; on one hand I've got DO and Remy calling the game with their usual aplomb while the other hand is usually dealing with things most mortals wouldn't wish on their worse enemy.

So tonight I was pleasantly surprised when I turned the corner, expecting carnage and havoc, and got two still children kicking back and watching Bill Murray completely bury his legacy in the movie "Garfield".

Which makes me realize how completely insane I am; it's 10:36 p.m., I need sleep like a junkie needs a fix, yet here I sit watching Troy Percival walk Mark Kotsay and thinking it's the greatest thing I've ever seen.

Meanwhile, I've got three kids asleep, a wife watching E News for entertainment, and my focus is on Jason Varitek and praying he hits a 2 run home run into the Monster seats.

I'm not sure how tonight will end. I hope the Red Sox win. I hope Troy Percival's right arm flies into the seats behind 3rd base. I hope.

Whatever happens, I know this.

I've got issues. And I'm not sure a shrink, a doctor, or that chick from "The Soprano's" can help me.


It's September; all that other nonsense can wait.


Bachelor Paul said...


Ted D said...


You are freaking me out just a bit.

Hello to you too.

Tex said...

so close i can taste it.

who's the new dude?

Ted D said...

Not sure Tex. But he's welcome here.

And yeah, we're right there; can't believe Pap gave it up last night. That hardly ever happens. Freaking Rays.

Scott said...

We all have issues after last nights game. Pass the Valium.

Ted D said...

::passes scott the valium::

Tex said...

:WAVES: scott!!!!!

Ted D said...

Tex, you're killing me!

Tree Newt said...

Ok, I have to know: where in the world did the 1970s TV come from?!! Is that the same one we used to have to used pliers on to change the channel?!!

Ted D said...

Grandma Annie, bro. It's better than what we had. Plus it gives Trot another launching pad he can jump off of.