Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Excuse me while I kiss the sky. Or something.

8 innings. 1 ER. 7 K's. All by Josh Beckett.

On most nights, this would be all I needed to know that the Sox had won and I'd be looking at the potential lineups for tomorrow.

Tonight? It meant zip. Beckett and the Sox lose 2-1 and I'm looking for a win tomorrow by Wake and a vise I can strap my gibleys to for tonight. 'Cause that CAN'T hurt worse than the punch to the gut I felt when Dionner Navarro hit that ball in the bottom of the ninth.

This is October and these are the Tampa Bay Rays; they should be getting ready for an off-season filled with washing their cars and getting ready for next year, not fighting it out with the Red Sox for the AL East crown.

Yet here they are doing just that and here I am praying for a meteor to take out Tropicana Field tomorrow night; just once, I'd like an end of the year that didn't have me fighting off a bleeding ulcer and scouring the black market for mind altering drugs.

Maybe next year; 'cause it looks like the 2008 season is going down to the wire.

I just hope I can make it to the end of the ride.


Sarah said...

1) Of all the potential pitchers for us to put on the mound tomorrow, I couldn't be happier to see Wake there. He has historically done SO WELL at Tropicana Field; plus, it's kind of fun to watch the ball dance past the batters. I still don't understand why the commentators have that analogy, but he really is fun to watch.

2) Yeah, Beckett deserved a win for the way he pitched tonight. A lot of people have written him off as a has-been because of his record; however, if people took the time to look at the box scores for the games that he's lost, he has, for the most part, given us MORE than just a chance to win.

3) It's not October, actually; it's still mid-September. Oh and guess what? The playoffs start on the DAY I take my first set of qualification exams, which means I CAN'T WATCH THREE OF THE FIRST GAMES OF THE PLAYOFFS!!! I purposely scheduled them for RIGHT after the season so I wouldn't miss those games, then the MLB flips me the bird. So this is what I get... :P

4) If you find some good drugs, can I have some? I might need them to make it through these last two weeks before my exams...

5) I was at my friend's apartment last night and I borrowed his computer to look up a couple of sites, including your blog. I read some of your brilliant narrations to him, and he thinks you're a PHENOMENAL writer. This coming from a guy who's a Phillies fan (and not even a big one, at that).

Ted D said...

Hi Sarah! Wake on the hill at the Trop is a good thing, as you pointed out. Hopefully we leave there in a tie for first.

Beckett, even with all the injuries, has been fantastic for the most part. Last night and his last start he's pitched brilliantly, but no wins to show for it.

Woops; getting ahead of myself; still September but I'm already mentally in the playoffs. Sorry to hear you'll miss the first 3 games but good luck on your exams. I know you'll do great.

I'm not promising I'll share anything I find; depends on whether we win the division or not. But you're first on the list.

Tell your friend I said thank you for the compliment; I don't think it's true, but I appreciate him saying so. This thing is free therapy for me and a good release for me but him saying that made my day. Have a great one!