Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Funny, this is what it looked like in my kitchen.

Substitute the dude dancing with Pap and you've got the image of what it looked like in my house a little while ago.

Me, with goggles on my head and a cigar hanging out of my mouth on one hand and Ang with a confused look on her face while dancing with me.

The Sox are in the playoffs (as the wild card) and all bets are off.

Forget that 1-8 record vs. The Angels and the Rays most likely winning the division.

Like my Pop always says: It ain't how you drive. It's how you arrive.

October baseball with the MFY's sitting at home?

It really doesn't get any better than that.


Tex said...



Sarah said...

We beat Cliff Lee.

Let me say it again, because it sounds too good to be true:


Um, has anyone else noticed that he was 22-2 going into tonight's game? That we handed him his first loss in his last TWELVE decisions? Oh, and that Wake pitched past the third inning tonight???

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Tim Wakefield. He's got to be the most selfless man on our team, such a team player. He wouldn't have himself placed on the World Series roster because he didn't need the honor, he just wanted to make sure the team WON. If he wasn't going to be able to contribute, why put him on the list? He just wanted his ring, and for everyone else to have their's no matter what. LOVE him. And tonight he was back to the form we know and love. :)

Cliff Lee, 22-3. Still a damn good record. And if he doesn't win the AL Cy Young, I'm going to call up the MLB personally to give them a piece of my mind.

Tex said...

I have to say that as much as it crushed me last night to have Beckett have Wakey on the mound to clinch this was Sweeter than my sisters four layer chocolate pie!

JMP said...

Ahhhh Ted,

Is there anything sweeter than having your team play October Ball????

( Ok excluding our kids and in you case your wife... )

HorshamScouse said...

mmmm... chocolate pie.

Bickley said...

Did somebody mention four layer chocolate pie?

I forget...what were we talking about??

Ted D said...

Sox Win! And chocolate pie for everyone! Somehow.

Tex, Wake getting the clinching win is somehow right; Sarah, Cliff Lee is having a fantastic year. But he's still Cliff Lee and they are the Red Sox.

JMP, Horsham, and Bickley; I'm not sure where it came from but enjoy the chocolate pie. And the Sox clinching a playoff berth.

Krystle [RSO] said...

Okay so tell me how did I miss THAT?! I was in Boston too, SO close yet so far away. Here's to a playoff clinch.

//Me, with goggles on my head and a cigar hanging out of my mouth on one hand and Ang with a confused look on her face while dancing with me.//

You are officially the coolest person EVER. At least Paps kept his pants on this year...that is all.

Ted D said...

Sorry you missed it, Krystle!

And he kept them on; as far as WE KNOW.

Krystle [RSO] said...

It's called DVR when I get home =]. I saw Wake on NESN and that's it and he didn't make me tear up. I will NOT miss Pesky's number getting retired for ANYTHING.

Well back to homework!

Ted D said...

Me either on Pesky; I'll be Tivoing it for sure.