Saturday, September 13, 2008

I think I can get a group discount on straight jackets.

While I was at work today, Ang took Huey, Dewey, and Louie to the zoo; and no matter how much she begged, they wouldn't keep any of 'em for educational purposes.

Upon arriving home, I heard story after story about the polar bears, gorillas, and lions. Rakes also happened upon 2 turtles mating, which brought up a series of questions Angie wasn't anticipating having to answer for another 5 years or so.

What I DIDN'T hear about, until she told me after the kids were in bed, was Trot running along a brick wall about 6 feet high and 8 inches wide while Ang screamed at the top of her lungs and some random stranger plucking him off of what was described to me as certain death.

While I'm fairly certain he would have sustained nothing worse than a knot on his head and MAYBE a broken arm, I've decided I'm glad I was at work and not along for all the fun. Especially after arriving home tonight and within 15 minutes Rakes pushed Trot backwards. Which wouldn't be all that bad if it didn't occur at the top of the stairs and only the fact a miracle happened and Trot having reflexes like Spider Man prevented him from breaking his neck.

Long time readers of my train wreck of a blog will remember he has gone down this road before; I'm just thankful we didn't have a repeat tonight.

Thankfully, the Sox won 7-5, coming back from a 5-2 deficit to take the win and send the Blue Jays off into the night muttering about what might have been with a 7-5 loss. Throw in the MFY's actually sacking up and beating the Rays, and we head into tomorrow 2 games back in the AL East. And while I'm counting on the wild card, I haven't given up hope of taking the division.

Those 3 games in Tampa at the start of next week are looming pretty freaking large; I just hate I'm having to count on the Yankees to make them meaningful.

It's like seeing your cousin in the kissing booth at the county fair when you put your two dollars down; you like the end result, but the getting there makes you more than a little sick to your stomach.

Only September baseball can make you this excited and this sick to your stomach at the same time. Well, aside from my previous cousin analogy, but you get where I'm coming from.

Lester vs. Halladay tomorrow; which reminds me to stock up on TUMS, nerve pills, and Johnny Walker Black.

Crunch-Time baseball.

I LIVE for this.


JMP said...

Ah Ted,
a sweet win tonight. I still can not get over the fact that we are all rooting for the Yankees to win, Whats next??? Cats mating with dogs???? The Sun will start to rise in the west??? Will our Government finally get things right???? ( fat chance on that one!!)
I tell ya, I just aint natural!!!!!
Leaves a funny taste in my mouth!!!
But hey, I can live with that!!
On the lighter side, Glad the wee one had a great time today!!


Ted D said...

Marc, it's like Dawn said; I can't bring myself to actually say it, but yeah. It's one more weird feeling. But I'm with you; as long as it means good news for the Sox I can live with that!

Are you going to any of the games next week?

Tex said...

I can see why they call those drinks Hurricanes. they knock you on your *ss and you're not sure which is up and down

Ted D said...

That's a good point, Tex. Glad to hear the family made out OK during the storm.

Tex said...

thanks. friends invited me to hurricane party...and silly me thought it meant just a party...nooooooooooo they were only making hurricanes :)

my hometown can't get power yet. still not letting anyone in. my son just called saying he was checking things out around town. his side of town did not get the flooding. if he would have stayed in his rent house...different story

Ted D said...

Ah; gotcha.

Do they have any idea when the power may get restored? Seriously, really glad everything worked out OK with your son. That had to have been a hellish night for you.