Friday, September 26, 2008

Is it really a election year?

The MFY's are beating the Red Sox 13-4. McCain vs. Obama in a steel cage death match is on every stinking channel not named ESPN or Fox Sports. And as hard as I try to find it, "Stripes" isn't on ANYWHERE.

Boom shackalacka Boom shackalacka Boom shackalacka BOOM! is nowhere to be found.

As much as watching the Yankees hand us a beating at Fenway is working my nerves, I'm drawing some level of comfort from the fact that come tomorrow everyone will be more concerned with the latest Notre Dame football game than the clustermess that is American Politics. And no, I'm not proud of this fact. But it is what it is.

Can the freaking playoffs start already and I can get back to worrying about stupid games that don't matter one bit in the long run?

'Cause I'm WAY out of my comfort zone right now.

I HATE Election years.


Tex said...

but here we debated last night WHAT weekend to have the TedTexTomPalooza NEXT Year!!!!

the next two games dont really matter...I'm ready for PlayOffs. NOW.

Ted D said...

Me too, Tex. And I can't WAIT until the Palooza next year.