Sunday, September 21, 2008

DIrty Water: It's not just for Red Sox wins.

As a guy who gets grief for eating .88 cent tv dinners at work and planned a boycott of USA Today when they went from .50 to .75 cents a day for their newspaper, you could say buying books brand new isn't something high on my list.

Which is why I was thrilled beyond belief when fellow blogger Jere Smith sent me an advance copy of the book he and his Mom Mary-Ann wrote entitled "Dirty Water". For free.

Don't tell Jere, but I would have bought it at full price anyways. As an avid reader, especially of mysteries, I'd have been more than willing to shell out my $25 at Barnes and Noble; throw in the fact it involves the Red Sox and Jere, his publisher, and the printing company could have charged me th gross national product of Chile and I'd have bought it.

Thanks to his generosity, my wallet remains light and my reputation as a cheapskate stays intact.

If you enjoy a good mystery, combined with great character development and David Ortiz playing a prominent role in a work of fiction, get your credit card out and hit ASAP. From one of the most unique protagonist I've found in the last 20 years in Homicide Detective Rocky Patel, compelling story telling, and the unique twist of tying in the coaches and players of the Old Towne Team, Jere and Mary-Ann have crafted a story that is original, suspenseful, heartfelt, and adrenaline pumping.

By the way, you can purchase it HERE.

I just wish I could write a blog as well as they've written a book. If you like to read and you're a fan of the Red Sox, do yourself a favor and buy this book; you won't be dissapointed. And many thanks to Jere for letting me have a chance to read it early. In a related note, if you're a regular here, check out Jere's blog to see how someone who knows what in God's name they're doing when it comes to writing. It'll be time well spent.

In a totally unrelated note, I spent 7 minutes this afternoon laughing until I cried at the following YouTube clip.

God Bless Gustufson.


Tex said...

Wasnt Jere's book awesome!!!! and I have to say I am impressed you read it ;)

I'll have to watch the clip later. my wireless seems to be slow right now..could be cos im in hurricane alley

Ted D said...

Tex, the book was fantastic. And I love to read, so Jere's book was like a bonus.

The clip is hilarious; Grumpy Old Men Parts 1 and 2 deserve a spot in the Smithsonian.