Friday, September 19, 2008

Just like I drew it up.

The Sox go into Toronto and beat the Jays in game one 4-3; Casey hits a 2 run double, Pap is Pap, and we take game one 4-3 in THEIR house.

Which is a lot like what happened at home today. Sara, my college aged neighbor, left her door open while Trot invited himself in and wandered around her town house while she was changing clothes.

Is 2 years old the record for getting arrested for trespassing or lewd conduct? If not, he set the mark today.

I have no idea what I'm gonna do; he's two, so I can't send him to jail. On the other hand, he really shouldn't be wandering the neighborhood and randomly entering houses as he sees fit. For now, my solution is to ban him to his room for the next 6 years and hope for the best.

Combine all that with some idiot neighborhood kid taking our bookshelf we've set out for the VA and putting it in the middle of the road, me chasing said idiot down the street while shouting random expletives and you've got a sitcom episode already made.

Funny. Jason Seaver never had to deal with all this.

Is it time for the playoffs yet?


Edge of Design said...

It was kind of the Jays to let your team have the first game, wouldn't you agree?

Ted D said...

Edge, yes it was. It'd be even better if they'd let us take the next two as well. ;)

Hope you are well; tell D and L I said hello.

Edge of Design said...

I sure will! L gets home on Wednesday.

Ted D said...

Glad to hear it. We need to all get together again soon.

Tex said...

i hate words ending in "ays" except for the one beginning with a "b"

Ted D said...

Hiya, Tex. Been keeping up with you and the family; sorry to hear there was some damage but it sounds like Ma Tex has the right attitude. Hope the phrase "Thinking about you" goes without saying.

Tex said...

They really are lucky. Some on the same road about less than 1/2 mile got between 1-4 ft of water in them. it's depressing to see all of the people's lives piled onto the side of the road. Ive wanted to take pictures to show how devastating it is....but I just feel it's wrong somehow. I wouldnt make a good photo journalist

Ted D said...

I understand, Tex. It's gotta be tough to know your people are OK but others are going through hell.

Give 'em a hug for me and count your blessings; sounds like you all made out the best you could have hoped for.