Friday, September 5, 2008

Josh Beckett is not human.

Photo courtesy of Kelly O.

5 innings.

7 K's.

0 Walks.

4 Hits.

All in his first start back from the DL, against a Ranger team who can flat out rake.

I'm telling you, he's a cyborg; that dude chasing Sarah and John Conner has nothing on the Commander.

Ending the night at 2.5 games behind the Rays and leading the Wild Card race at plus 7 games?

Worth every penny the Sox have spent this year.

Doing it with Beckett healthy and dominating?


And all without charging anything to my MasterCard.

To paraphrase Snoop, it was a good day.

At least I think it was Snoop; what do I know? I live in NC; it could have been Bucky from American Idol for all I know.

:: hums Dirty Water as I head to bed::


Redbeard76 said...

"I had to say it was a good day" - Ice Cube.

From one white boy to another, just helpin' out.

Crystal said...


I'm SO happy, I don't even have the words to express...


Tex said...

and I saw it live.

HorshamScouse said...


Ted D said...

Redbeard, shocking I'd have my rappers mixed up, right? Thanks for the help, fellow white boy.

Crys, he was freaking fantastic last night; great to see.

Tex, I think we owe his performance to the fact you were there stalking him, er cheering him on. ;)

Horsham, she WAS gamedropping! Great to see him do so well.

Tex said...

i was there for Lowell's return and homerun :)

take care ya today

Ted D said...

Riiiiight. ;)

Have fun at the wedding today, Tex. Hope it goes well for everyone.

Tree Newt said...

I'm beginning to think he's NOT human. Good to have him back.

Ted D said...

Newt, how goes The Money Pit? And how about Greg Zaun hitting a walk-off, 13th inning HR off Percival to beat the Rays today?!

We could be a 1/2 game back headed into the series on Monday.

Crystal said...

::still smiling::

Ted D said...

You should be, Crys; he pitched a fantastic game last night.