Monday, September 8, 2008

Don't ever move furniture with your wife.

7 2/3 innings.

9 K's.

0 runs.

I swear, if you'd have told me before the season started that Jon Lester would have been the stopper, I'd have pulled a "Coming to America" moment, channeled the dad from "Good Times" and told you to get off the drugs.

Yet here we are on 9-8-08; the Red Sox sit just a 1/2 game behind the Rays and we all have Lester to thank for it. For all the missed opportunities, ill-timed attempts to steal a base and a few random BAD decisions to try and stretch a single to a double, Crabcakes kept us in it. And that is about all you can ask for.

In an unrelated note, I moved a crap load of furniture with Angie today; with Ang's Grandmother being moved into an assisted living facility, Ciera got her furniture. Which meant Rakes got Ciera's furniture, which meant a whole lot of heavy lifting for me.

Bottom line? I found myself standing on my stairs, trying to keep a mattress from sending to a premature death, while Ang uttered the now infamous "I thought you were going to push it up" line.

There are 3 things married couples should NEVER attempt.

Don't ever attempt to pick paint colors together, do whatever you can to avoid the "which one gets the decisive birth control surgery" debate, and never, and I mean NEVER move furniture from one location to another without a marriage counselor, a bodyguard, and a keg.

Trust me on this one.

All's well that ends well; Ciera has her new furniture, Rakes is sleeping on a mattress that will take him into his post-graduate work and Ang is sound asleep. I'm left wondering what happened to my little boy in his crib and why time has to fly by so fast, but it's all right.

The Red Sox are a 1/2 game out of first.

Plus, I'm usually the last to know, so what else is new?

One day, this blog will be listed by the Government as an approved method of birth control.

When that happens, my mission here will be complete.


Tree Newt said...

Ok, one of your better posts. No lie.

Glad the boys are about to put the Rays in their place.

Glad you got to move on your day off what you sell the rest of the week.

Glad you didn't end up on your back at the bottom of the stairs, a la Trot.

As to that "who gets the surgery" comment...


I'm not listening!!!

Ted D said...

Newt, it was a wild day.

Thanks for the compliment, and the Rays are about to realize that Septmember isn't June; this is big boy baseball.

I'm beat, man. Ang is KILLING me on the off day stuff!

Get ready; your day is coming.

Tex said...

1/2 game back.

Bickley said...

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!

I said Sunday afternoon, that the Red Sox would be in first place by the end of this week. And did you see what the Halos did to the MFY's??? 12-1!! You know, you forgot to include them being in FOURTH PLACE in your "all's well that ends well" thingy...

Sarah said...

Here's something interesting that I think everyone can appreciate (or scoff at, as I did). It's from the latest Monday afternoon Debate on ESPN SportsNation:

"Peter (Atlanta): When you really look at it, the Red Sox' rotation isn't poised for the post-season this year. Beckett's having a flop of a year. I've never trusted Matsuzaka in the post-season because he allows entirely too many baserunners and in October that will eat you up. You can't always make the perfect pitch to get out of a jam in October. And Lester... He's Jon Lester. Certainly nothing special. Top it off with the most underwhelming post-season pitcher in history, Paul Byrd, and the guy who threw 1 pitch and sent the Yankees to the World Series, Tim Wakefield. I like the Twins. You gotta love a rotation of 5 rookies, getting out there and pitching with every ounce of life they've got because they know they might never get this chance again.

Jayson Stark: Hey, Peter. You're kidding, right? Beckett's a flop? Yeah, it's a down year, but he's averaging 8.9 strikeouts per 9 innings, with a better strikeout-walk ratio than last year. So he can still dominate any game any time. And you've "never" trusted Dice-K in the postseason? He's only had one postseason And he's been much more comfortable this year than last. And Lester is "nothing special?" He's one of the top five lefthanded starters in the whole sport. You must be watching a different team than I've been watching."

Seriously, dude? Lester's nothing special?? As my friend said, "Do your homework."

And this one was a laugher as well:

"Jay (Chicago): I'd have to agree that the solid starting pitching and balanced lineup make the Red Sox the favorites. However, how do you think they'll respond if the Patriots have to go the season without Tom Brady?

Jayson Stark: It's true. That just might cast a pall over all of New England that even the Red Sox can't shake. Thanks for bringing that up, Jay."

Also sort of scary, since I can't tell if they're being facetious. I'm going to pretend that they are...

As for the rest, if you have time to spare and want to read more:

Ted D said...

Tex, woot indeed. 2-1 Rays in the 3rd and Daisuke is up to his old tricks; please throw strikes!

Bickley, you're a genius! It's pretty nice to not be worrying about the Yankees, isn't it?

Sarah, I didn't see that but that's pretty revealing; people really sound ignorant sometimes. Thanks for the sharing the link!