Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is starting to look really familiar.

Beer flying everywhere. Champagne being sprayed on anything in reach, including MDC, Lopez, and David Aardsma running all the way out to the bullpen to drench the Boston Cop who, best I can figure, is there to open the gate and fist bump each relief pitcher who comes into a game.

Except for the notable absence of Pap dancing around the infield in his underwear, last night looked an awful lot like last year when the Sox clinched the AL East. Maybe since it was just the wild card Papelbon decided to keep it PG; doesn't matter. The Red Sox have made the playoffs for the 5th time in 6 years and Jeter, Slappy, and the rest of the MFY's are sitting at home for the playoffs for the first time since Moses parted the Red Sea.

At least it seems like that long.

As I watched the celebration last night and again on replays tonight, I couldn't keep the idiotic grin off my face. Guys like Jason Bay, who has spent his entire career playing for the Pirates, spraying alcohol all over his teammates with a grin usually seen on that guy who assaulted Ned Beatty in "Deliverance".

Pap handing bases out to random fans like some demented Santa Claus, Tek lapping Fenway Park while shaking anybodies hand he could reach, and Sean Casey grinning like a lottery winner and hugging anyone in sight.

Come October, there will be baseball played at Fenway Park.

And yes, I just got goose bumps over my entire body.

Screw you, Dane Cook.

I live for this.


Sarah said...

Red Sox win and Twinkies win... woo hoo! :)

Tex said...

::dances jig::

Ted D said...

Sarah and Tex, this is a nice way to head into the playoffs. With some good vibes and some close wins; great to see Mike Timlin pitch well last night.